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  1. im with the other sean beating my kqo aipf with such a small pair seemed unfair you played really well never got much momentum cuz of you.
  2. i use just laptop and touchpad sometimes get to 35ish tables
  3. I had A7s glad I folded knowing ace dead
  4. had jj was a planned misclick fwiw :)
  5. it's funny how that number keeps getting higher and higher the more she wins.
  6. Wednesday Fun

    I have to goto a bday dinner tomorrow but I'd be down another day to do this bet instead of giving odds first one to win a tourney.
  7. nothing volume based, ever, for the rest of my life, period. nit
  8. I think me randall and thayer a team but thayers whining a lot so maybe not
  9. ship triple crown too. first one ever too
  10. Im not going to put anywhere near volume Ive put in any year but I think in our prime would be a really fun bet between me chad. But it would be very friendly, also chad mormans 21+ he just sucks as much as I do live and doesnt go much he did play a few wsop events.
  11. oddly enough last years winners from the same city as me though we never met until barcelona this year. And trust me my live results were much worse in the same tourneys and every other live tourney
  12. When did this rule come into effect because I played a sng with a few miami dolphin guys like 4 years ago at hardrock. All were well known and they weren't hiding who they were and dealers say they come in once a week with a few heat players too
  13. complete fail triple crown for 180s is a 10//11 20 and 33 in 24hours. i've done it once since 33s have come around did have a day where I won a 4 10 and a 20 when 10turbos first came out.
  14. winning 3r and getting 3rd within a week.
  15. I met the other sac in barcelona he seemed cool but obv after his comments in this thread and the way they did it to dan of all people who is a close friend of mine just annoys me you're both douchebags and just as bad as devinr12. I wonder which one of you used his account when it was tagteamed vs me ohhh ahh drama bomb.
  16. actually lee haven't smoked all week long so far been in tlb mode winning a 180 or 2 a day trying to catch derek8 i have a shot but need to win a few 50fos or something and I got it.
  17. this is a snapcall if you know who russ and myself are and russ def knows close to my range here and will iso well esp since you only have like 8k if you had 14k it's a lot lot closer but still a call.

    I first met vivek 3 years ago a ts ft of some random 300 or 500 tourney it was both our first live fts he was hilarious then as he is now. def the most fun guy to get high and let him just say something because it's always redic. Fitting he wore sweatpants to his ft and fitting he crushed souls and got there once or twice :).
  19. If i've seen limper limp and limp weaker hands then I iso if hes never limped before I fold.
  20. Jd is un accounted for you can def fold river he has AJdd KQdd KQss way more then he has worse/bluff
  21. Count the 2600 as I'm quite sure all those in the team thing are planning on playing it anyway. You'll get my 500 from augie99 on stars

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