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  1. http://www.videolog.tv/video?440339 Step 1.
  2. Have 1-10k party (letsgambool) want 1-10k stars (scarypooper5)
  3. I want $3000 on stars (scarypooper5) I have $3200 on party (letsgambool)
  4. Want $3000 on stars (scarypooper5) Have $3100 on party (letsgambool) Need money for tomorrow, have a solid reputation both here and 2p2. PM if interested.
  5. Looking for 3k on stars (scarypooper5) Will give 3k on party (letsgambool)
  6. I bet more on the flop and turn unless that's been your standard. I guess I can see a call of his raise but raising cant be terrible, so don't beat yourself up over it. I probably jam too sometimes but it's going to depend on my opponent a lot.
  7. Jam or fold pre with a 20 bb stack. This is a fold.
  8. It was horrible this past Sunday and I can remember it happening a few other times recently as well. This has to be fixed.
  9. Lol, Zach gonna zack. However this does remind me. I have been meaning to make a thread about how AWFUL pokerstars mods are in terms of assisting with a deal. Any deal I have ever been apart of has been rushed by their team online players like they have somewhere to be. Lots of times a significant amount of money is on the table and they are just unwilling to give people 2-3 more minutes to state their case. This has to be fixed.
  10. I agree with the idea of having separate divisions. But I see enough high stake regs alone in this thread to have one with anything. If there's one with anything count me in. How will teams be choosen?
  11. It's close for sure. If it's a field I think I'm a big favorite in verse the average player, I fold. If it's a tougher field I'm probably taking a spot like this. I suggest downloading pokerstove and plugging in some ranges and seeing exactly what they need to be shoving for it to be a call.
  12. Good watch for sure, if only more people in a position like him would step up and put the blame where it is.
  13. And yet he's managed to make over 700k from MTTs on stars.... What you're failing to realize is for every play like this where he misplays it and you get the best of him, he probably makes 10-20 plays where you make a mistake. His style has obviously proven to be extremely effective over a significant sample and I'm not really sure how you can't fathom something that's not complicated. And lol at making a thread because of a hand he possibly misplayed.
  14. I'm raising my whole range here and re-evaluating what happens behind. 55 is not profitable to jam (low pairs don't do well at all from early position with these effective stacks) so I'm probably siding to folding in the 16.50. With the bottom of the barrel portion of your range here, I'm definately raise/folding from early position over just jamming. Lots of people aren't capable of re-raising light over an EP open, so when they jam they just have it and you can frequently get away from spots where you would have just stuck it in and let fate decide.
  15. Live MTTs are usually so full of complete morons that push botting an 18 bb stack from the CO and HJ is very far from optimal. They are certainly profitable shoves but to just pushbot there is a pretty big leak imo. Liveaments have completely different standards for pushbotting. OP, fold pre for sure, and it isn't even close. As played I am cbetting this flop 100% of the time and re-evaluating based on my opponent. Check raising here is horrible because you're folding out worse hands and getting called by better. And I'm pretty unsure how you are unable to put him on a pair higher than 66 here. I think him having 99 here is pretty reasonable in the midst of all of the awful play going on.
  16. Jamming seems bad, you should bet 1/3 of pot or so with intentions of calling a raise or getting it in on any turn.
  17. Shane said Dale was coming, but we never actually saw him did we? Is it possible that he killed Dale?
  18. I'm amazed how tight people's ranges are here. With so many dead chips in the middle and a 12 BB stack, I'm almost definately iso getting it in.
  19. People seem to have missed that we don't know anything about this particular villains style and that we just know he is good (though this deep I'm going to know people's stats and villain is actually a small loser through a large sample size). Personally I think your sizing is too small, you're giving him odds to just flat this deep and that's not what you want in this situation with these stack sizes. Your hand has more value by inticing him to get it in pre and the better way to accomplish that is by making a large raise pre to set up a simpler shove on you. As played, I think you can take out big pairs from his range since he jammed so big, as lots of regs are more likely to click it back induce the top of their range in this specific spot, his jam is definately on the bigger side in terms of sizing. So with that said, even if he isn't known to be a loose player, this is a snap call.
  20. Fold pre, and it's not even remotely close, even given the apparant great odds you speak of. You're oop post flop and against most opponents on most flops you're going to check fold (and thus have committed more chips to pots you're very rarely going to win). Even bad players will own you with this bad of a hand when you're out of position.
  21. Don't assume all supernovas are good, because they aren't, or that they have a clue how to play a shortstack. Also, some people are very good at deep stack play and are awful at short stacked play and vice versa. Some of the short stack mistakes regs make are just rediculous.

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