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  1. Yeah, you can definately expand your flat range pre this deep against players that bad. However J10o in middle position with an early position raise is not one of those spots. J10s would be fine, any pair is fine, but you're going to be dominated a ton here. Also I forgot to mention I'm never folding the turn here, ever. He has so many KQ/AQ type hands where you're absolutely crushing him, it's also extremely unlikely he's jamming a boat.
  2. Looking for 1k on Party (letsgambool) Have 1k on stars (Scarypooper5) Also I would like to note that this transfer is for my roommate (hoodskier) and he will be receiving the money on partypoker.
  3. The reason he flats pre is because most people don't balance their middle to early position ranges pre when there is an EP raise. Most people never range the bottom portion of their range here so a raise in this particular spot looks super strong and is almost always a really big hand, so by raising here he's putting his hand face up. In order to have a more disguised hand and balance his range, he flats. I flat here with almost 100% of my range unless there is someone who is extremely loose getting it in too light or I have a rediculous image. I think most people are just afraid to play big pots postflop when they might have to lay down big pairs or even the mighty AK.
  4. The 4 bettors sizing just screams monster. He's never sizing this way with like AK/AQ oop. If you call you're set mining and you're waaaay too shallow to be set mining. If the 4 better is super tight then I have no idea how people are advocating anything other than a fold, I don't think it's even remotely close.
  5. I'm not sure I'm following the HH correctly, does tford jam?
  6. When I used to play on Bodog a few years ago I was always upset at how awful their poker software and system was. Over time I realized they made who knows how much more on their casino and sportsbetting than poker and I think that the majority of party's money comes from their casino. If they would just wise up and realize that the two are going to build off one another it would be way better but I don't think that's going to be happening anytime soon. Poker will always take a distant backseat to casino games on Party.
  7. I mean yeah I guess folding hand 2 on the river might be best. But folding pre prevents you from getting into these spots and is a big reason as to why I just fold pre. I'd be way more inclined to jam pre than call with this stack. As for hand 1 I think in a $20 tournament there are tons of awful players capable of calling a weak king to the river. The flipside is that by playing tight and waiting for hands (while showing maybe a little bit of aggression or ability to bet/fold) you get tons of value when you connect.
  8. In hand 1 just check fold the flop. You could 3 bet pre if you felt he was wide and then cbet but you're better off calling pre and check folding. In hand 2 I don't mind leading the turn at all. I just check sigh call the river. In games against bad players don't focus on what you are representing, focus on what they have, because most players are nowhere near good enough to have any sort of read on what you're doing or representing. Actually in hand 2 I don't think you're deep enough to flat pre even with a good price OOP. I just fold pre.
  9. Uaredeadlol has like 30k mtts played on stars and I've traditionally pegged him on the looser side. I've seen him make some plays that make me go wtf? I actually think he could raise/fold here and that he's capable of raise/calling a flush draw, but I have not played with him enough to be certain.
  10. Man what a sick spot 4 handed. I mean the BB could be jamming super wide but it's unlikely live but he could also be super tight. If he's aware of the situation and a good player I side towards calling but that's just sooo tough to do live. It's close enough that I would want to know what kind of other stacks there are at the other tables. Are there any micro stacks or are you the shortest? Are there 2-3 others right around your stack? You'd probably have to do some ICM calculations to figure this one out. Could the button 3 bet / fold here? Would the BB 4 bet stuff like AA/KK? If you take those hands out of the equation by saying yes then it's getting closer to a call. I probably fold but hate myself for it, stacks at the other table pending.
  11. party really is a crummy site. I remember playing on there like 6-7 years ago and thinking how awesome it would be to play on it again once I relocated to Canada. I was incredibly dissapointed with their poor customer service, awful software and small turnouts. I'm not surprised at all to see them doing this.
  12. Villain has a 61 avg finish which means they are likely committing a wide enough range for me to get it in here.
  13. Your sizing was just too small to be able to know for sure what the villain has. Bet more pre (I make it exactly 3x - 4k) If you bet 4k pre, it denies set mining odds from Paffchen and leaves ~15k in pre with both callers and a 7-8k bet on the turn and sizes it nicely for a pot sized turn shove against him. As played I'm defintately looking up stats to see what they could have, but unless they are an absolute nut I am probably folding.
  14. It depends on the table, the player and your image. If someone you have no reads on is 3 betting you here it's probably a fold. If they have 3 bet a few other people or a few times at the table it's likely to be closer to a jam. If you have a crazy active image and the player is aware of this enough to 3bet you here then it could be a jam too. Folding without any reads or if you view them as a tighter player is fine too.
  15. Quit limping pre. As played you're putting yourself in a tough spot because they could be raising with a huge range of hands since you're likely to be a weak player (due to limping) and have position on you post flop. If you raise pre it makes your decision a lot easier as they aren't likely to be 3 betting as wide and you could narrow down their range and go from there. As played, fold.
  16. As an example of what I feel was a rediculous run that should be a triple crown, this past Saturday Big Huni won the $320 on stars, the $215 6 max on Stars and the party poker $215 for around $47,000. But looking at his scores it doesn't look like he even plays on a 3rd site. Imo that should be a triple crown.
  17. I pretty much never study, though I do ask friends about hands throughout the day. I'm not suggesting other people should bor study or that I'm not missing out by studying. I just believe that with enough volume I'll adapt to what other people do on a whim and things will eventually just start to click. I will say that if I was to put in a ton of work on my MTT play, the first place I would start would be to figure out how to more optimally play a short stack. I play a ton of turbos and in the MTT game today, you are just short stacked too often to not be making mathematically optimal moves.
  18. Reads on villains and your image are essential for hands like this. With that said, my personal style doesn't involve too much FPS because I believe the chips in front of me simply have too much value to blow in spots like this. If you're a decent winner, you have to consider that this deep you need your opponents to fold a pretty rediclous percent of times to make this worthwhile. And since you didn't list any reads in the OP I dont know that you have any. As Andre said ABC poker goes a long, long way. People may also disagree with me on this too, but I fold pre.
  19. Pipedream has absolutely crushed on stars for a long time, would certainly not be surprised to see him jump to number 1.
  20. I probably raise a little less, to like 10,500 or so. You have to cbet that flop and then re-evaluate. He's likely flatting a moderately wide range and more often than not he misses this flop. If you check it should be with intentions to check jam on this board, which isn't the worst play in the world, but without history I prefer a cbet.
  21. This seems unnessary as a player of the OPs caliber is surely already on Stars radar.
  22. Getting it in ahead deep in tournies for piles and losing always seems to do the trick.
  23. People are complete nuts here and the hands shown down are likely the top of their range. With 24 BBs I cant imagine folding in this tournament, even with the action ahead of you like it is.
  24. So you would not make a massively plus ev jam to avoid the risk of losing a stack? That's not how you play MTTs, you can't pass on a spot like this. With more than 20 BBs I side to raise calling opposed to just jamming. If the villain is likely to flat and float a lot I side to jamming.

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