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  1. I think one of the flaws is that he said he'd fold it on the first hand. He didn't say 20 minutes into the tournament he'd fold em preflop. I believe he is implying that he would only fold them on the first hand for supersticious reasons, and for that, I think his reasoning is extremely flawed. As for folding AA preflop, I agree that there is some point where your chances of folding AA preflop has less EV than your staying in the tournament. The thing is that I cannot think of many, if any, realistic situations where that may happen.
  2. I think we're missing the most important group of people to get the word out to, our fellow poker players. It would be worthwhile, at least a few times a day, to let the people we see daily on the poker tables know what's gong on. It's highly likely that the majority of people are not aware of the fact that the government is attempting to get this passed. I personally had no clue until after I joined the P5s community. These are the people who are most likely to jump at the attempt to stop the ban on their hobby/profession, and these are the people we see more than anyone.
  3. Well, I guess I'll never use Ebay again then.
  4. I play quite a few of the 120+10 and 220+15 6 man SNGs on Bodog a day. The article pretty much sums up my play style and strategy. I used to be doing something similar to the extra tight strategy, but changed that as time went on when I realized loosening up my game a hair was a better approach. I'll definately be reading this article again down the road. It's exactly how I play or should be playing when I'm on top of things. By reading it, it gives me a reminder to always play on the top of my game, which is the most difficult thing for me to do. Good article to me.
  5. Regardless of how bad they are, it's more difficult to play with good players than bad. The difference between playing with the bad is when they call with really bad draws and bad pot odds, there are a number of hands they could have to hit with. When they hit, you don't know it, and you're unable to let go of your big pairs and pretty strong hands. Big tournies are difficult to go far in. If you're getting your money in early as a big favorite, you can't ask for much more, win or lose.
  6. Bodog 35+3 6 man SNGS. Their blind structure is done by hands rather than time, so after a couple of people go, the action gets to be pretty exciting. Short game so its a high action game. Most people don't know how to adjust to the blind structure properly, so if you can adapt well, you can make a killing. I know I do.
  7. While it was nice having such a redculously high overlay. I can't blame them for not paying $6,000 per tournament though. They just need to condense the number of tournies to increase the people who join them.
  8. "Its not a donkey play if it wins you the pot. . ." So, according to this statement, if I call a huge raise with 27 off from someone who has AA, and win the pot, it's not a donkey play? That may be the most stupid comment I've heard in a while.
  9. I frequently get several bugs. On occation, it'll just kick me off of my table during MTTs for no apparant reason. Also during MTTs, you see cards in place of people on occation with no chip count or name. This is a bug that happens when someone new comes to your table, and its happened on several occations. The cards are occationally out of place of where they should be (not in front of the correct person). Mostly minor stuff. I play all of my SNGs / cash game stuff here, and I still love the site despite a few minor technical problems.
  10. I used to always watch TV in the background when playing poker. If I was on a single table, it was not too much of a problem. It was more difficult to accurately know everything that was going on while the TV was on, even if I wasn't paying any attention to it. I've recently attempted to take my game to another level, and in order to do that, you have to know as much about your opponents as possible. In the past week, I can't begin to tell you how many subtle, quiet things I've picked up on just because the TV has not been on. Some of those little things led to making better decisions, some of which caused, or greatly contributed to winning a SNG I may have not won otherwise. Poker is a game where every little thing does matter. You're free to watch the TV, browse the web, do whatever you want while playing poker. But in the long run, it will hurt your profits.
  11. I play more 6 man SNGs on Bodog than any other form of poker. Even at the 120 level, I see people going all in on the first blind level with AQ when they missed a flop completely. At the 35 level, it's the exact same thing to an even greater degree. The competition is extremely weak there. The blinds raise quicker, so variance will be a bigger factor. Don't let that get you down when you're forced to playing and pushing rags late in the game due to blinds.
  12. Played in 4 of these this past weekend. Finished 2nd/34, 5th/27, and 7th/54. It's a pain going a long way, playing 3 hours only to lose a coinflip. That happened to me this past weekend, and it really hurt. Winner take all tournies are tough, no matter how many you play in, even if it's a very short game.
  13. Payout was messed up last time too, and wasn't corrected. Will be around 1250 to 1st, 800ish to 2nd, 500 to 3rd. 127 people on Saturday, payouts should be very proportional. 18 total paid with 127.
  14. Yes, you need to read part 1 first, especially if you've never read many poker books. It's stuff you may or may have not already learned from your personal play, but it's also stuff I believe that's required for understanding part 2.
  15. How exactly does the betting work? Are you betting on who will win it all or who will make the top 27? I bet 5 on myself at 50/1 and came in 2nd, 1st would have been quite a payoff it is was for just winning on an individual event basis.
  16. You shouldn't have entered the hand in the first place. Your hand is weak, your raise didn't do anything more than beef up the pot, and there are tons of people seeing the flop. You say you're trying to create the image of having AQ. Nothing wrong with representing a hand in certain situations in hopes of people folding, but you showed no real strength. A minimum raise at those blinds is once again going to do absolutely nothing but beef up the pot. People's pot odds are just way too good. The other thing you have to remember about representing hands is that some people see absolutely nothing but the cards in front of them. They see top pair, and they're willing to call an all in size bet with it, even if they have no kicker. You can represent hands all you want, but most poeple at low limit games aren't going to notice what you're trying to do. Try just playing extremely tight until the blinds are really meaningful. You'll likely lose half of the table to the people who have gone all in every 3rd hand within the first 20 hands anyway. The beauty of that is the people who have 4x the starting chips due to several all in win confrontations are frequently people who don't know what they're doing, and just love to give you their chips. It's like Doyle said in Supersystem. He saw the biggest calling station he'd ever seen, and good pros continued to try to bluff him out of pots, but he continued calling them down with marginal hands, and accumulated a fair amount of chips. In low levels of internet poker, you're facing the exact same type of calling stations every single day. They're all over the place. You don't beat them by bluffing them out of pots, you beat them by getting value for your hands. *Note, I'm not saying don't bluff, I'm just saying you don't really need to bluff early in low limit SNGs / tournies when everyone is calling everything, you can get value for most of your good hands anyway. Aggressive people often create an image of playing bad hands so that they get their good ones paid off. So many times people don't realize that they don't even have to create that image to some people, they get paid off regardless.
  17. Most sites require that you play in ring games and ring games alone to earn the bonus $$. Yours says you are able to earn it through tournaments as well. Are SNGs included in the tournament bracket? Or would only MTTs be under that category?
  18. Well done BigGunx, enjoyed playing against you.

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