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  1. Impossible to narrow the villains hand down to something thats beating you. Flat and re-evaluate on the turn. You are likely still ahead here and will be able to figure it out by the river, but it's really, really unlikely i fold the turn.
  2. If you did that there would be about 50 triple crowns a week given on stars alone.
  3. Don't need the party anymore but still looking for Titan.
  4. Looking for ~1500 on titan poker (Bigbear225) Have ~1500 on stars (Scarypooper5) Also looking for about ~2500 on party (letsgambool) Have ~2500 on Stars (Scarypooper5)
  5. I'd be interested if someone lile WackyJaxon held. Nothing personal towards you, I just have no idea who you are or what reputation you have.
  6. You're leaving out like half of the equation. That's like asking what the answer to 2 + X = Y is. You need to learn to include other important information, that is what buyin, how many paid, entrants, ect. Are there antes? What is your image of the opponent and what is your image? In this specific scenario I'm almost always going to fold. But if you have a crazy tight image and the opener is crazy crazy wide then a jam wouldn't be awful.
  7. You should be widening your range a ton on jamming into people and tightening up when they jam into you. With that said, this isn't even remotely close to a call. Fold and take advantage of people on the bubble.
  8. The 320 6 max and 265 knockouts are new and I absolutely agree they need to be a daily as well as having the gaurentees upped to something reasonable. As for a 215 turbo they did add another one that wasn't around before, I think at like 2:45 est, but I can't recall the exact time. These have all been added recently and I thank stars for showing some initiative in adding some quality high stake tournies.
  9. Looking for ~1500 on titan poker (Bigbear225) Have ~1500 on stars (Scarypooper5) Also looking for about ~2500 on party (letsgambool) Have ~2500 on Stars (Scarypooper5) I sent Setherson a pm just now in regards to his post and I am about to go to bed, so I will only need the Party if he isn't interested or hasn't responded by tomorrow morning.
  10. In that case, as long as the blinds behind are less than 11k in chips, I might just side to jamming. There's ~3k in the pot and you'd be risking 11k to win it outright. A jam is definately profitable here and I think it's your best option.
  11. You're missing a bit of information. What position did the caller call from? Typically people can flat big pairs and AK type hands (and worse, obv) when an UTG player raises. You also should list what stake tournament this is as people play differently at different stakes. Additionally, how many chips did the caller have, and did either of the blinds have you covered, or have more than the 27.5 BBs? If a LAG player opens utg with ~27.5 BBs and the caller is bad / calling too much and folding to a jam, I don't mind a jam at all (depending on the blinds stacks). A 40 bb jam over a 2.5 BB open with 1 flatter is too much. Also note that calling is fine here. You can just fold if you whiff the flop and you'll have position on people if you hit. Also, as for the people endorsing a raise / fold, ignore them. Your opponents are too shallow for you to be able to raise / fold. You're raise / calling all day here. Granted your opponents range will be AQ+ and a bunch of pairs most of the time, by the time you raise, you're getting good enough odds to call behind. Additionally if it's a lower stake buyin people will still spazz worse. Just be weary of your sizing when you raise. You don't want to commit so much that it's obvious you're never ever folding and you have a big hand, and so little that they can get to see a flop at decent odds. If I'm raising here I make it 3k to 3200, somewhere in there, depending on how often my opponents see a flop. I side to raising a bit more if they're prone to flat.
  12. OP started a rant stating that stars sponsored pros should lose their sponsorships as sponsored players since hypers require no skill and are generally luck fests. He apparantly deleted it later. If the OP edited out everything can we delete this or something?
  13. I'm in Canada now but I'm looking into going to Mexico or somewhere in South America til the WSOP once my 6 months are up, and from what I understand those countries have very little enforcement on poker players. They're just happy to have us spending our money.
  14. Given the range and stack size of the 2 flatters I don't see them flatting a ton of hands. I think a flat here isn't the worst thing in the world. I also don't mind a jam if you feel the BB is strong enough to go ahead and get it in. If I see a flop the chips are getting in on just about any flop.
  15. Need to size your raise pre less. As for the flop you bet too much for a cbet but in a 180 man I am never, ever folding here, I am figuring ways to get the chips in and that seems to have happened.
  16. Yes, you are wrong. Anyone who has the understanding of the game to beat those games long enough to get SNE is likely going to be good at any other form of poker they play if they put their mind to it.
  17. Lol at how obvlivious you are. I used to play super turbo SNGs on FTP and crushed them. They are very similar to hypers in strategy and principle. You take advantage of absurdly tiny edges that most people don't think twice about. Additionally, you have to spend TONS of time behind the scenes studying the mathematics of these games to understand what to do in litereally every imaginable spot. The skill required to be a solid winner in these things is much higher than idiots like you will ever be able to understand.
  18. Limp folding 8 BBs would be beyond awful even against an awful calling station. If your 'fairly skilled' friend is giving advice like this, don't listen to anything he says in regards to playing a short stack. Edit:Forgot to add the obvious, jam.
  19. If an 18 BB stack opens and there are all 18 or smaller BB stacks behind a jam is fine. In this case you have a couple of ~55 BB stacks, so you just effectively jammed 55 BB over a 2.66 BB raise, which is a MASSIVE overjam and usually puts your hand on pretty much exactly AK. Make the raise in the 700-750 range and then obv call the original openers reship if he does. an 18 BB stack is extremely unlikely to flat here.
  20. Jamming / folding both seem really bad so I call and re-evaluate the river.
  21. I'd focus on working on your push / fold rather than figuring out what's the most profitable game to play. Pick something small like the $2.50 180 mans (if you want to go the 180 man route) or something else that seems like you would enjoy. Then put in a lot of volume and a lot of work doing some push / fold analysis. It's not fun working getting better at these but if you want to make some extra money it's worth it. After you've put in enough volume to have a significant sample and enough work to feel comfortable playing against other regs and whatnot you'll have likely experienced enough trial and error to mae a more educated decision as to when to move up or venture out to different games.
  22. If someone is narrowminded enough to judge someone else negatively for enjoying the game of poker then they are probably not worth your time. I used to be very uneasy telling people I enjoyed it but got over it pretty quickly. Also I've found that most people find it pretty interesting and unique that I play a lot and are generally open minded. I've met my fair share of skeptics, but I've also met TONS of great people who have a common interest and enjoyment of the game, friends I would not have made had it not been for poker.
  23. I've always thought that the multiple different sites aspect of the triple crown requirement was misleading of what the title should be about. As it stands now, someone could win the Sunday Warmup, Sunday Million and Sunday 500 in the same day and would not win a triple crown, just because the wins are on the same site. Additionally, lots of people who are great players will never be able to win a TC now because they don't play on more than 2 sites, even if the tournaments they win in a given time period out perform triple crown winners. I also understand that if the current criteria means allowing the same site too many triple crowns will be given. I suggest not taking into consideration which site a tournament is won on and upping the requirements to win one. Perhaps make the minimum required players 200, a 20k prizepool minimum and a 3 day period instead of the 7 day period. Or even some random combination of those changes I listed to what people feel would be a sufficient enough challenge to keep the title obtainable, yet difficult enough to be rewarded.
  24. Completely dependant on your read of the flatter, the 4 bb stack has to be super wide. If the flatter is a fish I side towards rejamming because theyre folding way too much. I look up stats then decide, but if I don't have time, I side towards folding because flats here should be super strong with the stack sizes. If he was deeper (say 25 bbs instead of ~16) I think it's a jam but with him not afraid of a flat behind I think his range is more weighed towards big hands in this very specific spot.
  25. When I first started playing again after moving to Canada I overlooked a number of tournaments assuming they were small prizepools. After looking at them all I realized some of the gaurentees, as the OP stated, were far too low relative to the number of entrants they consistantly get, so I noticed exactly what the OP stated. I think that stars would definately increase the overall number of people registering by making the prize pools more reflective of the normal number of entrants. Cosign OP on the tournies listed, I'll look for some more tomorrow that are way off balance.

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