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  1. It's a profitable shove and this short nobody is good enough to pass on profitable shoves. It would be a massive mistake to fold a +ev shove at this point. (I'm fairly confident there are antes in play at the 400/800 level and basing this on there being antes) Sometimes you're going to run into better hands, and sometimes you will win those pots. I suggest working on your push/fold game before this point more than now. Also, I fold A8 off. Huge difference in your equity when you jam suited aces verse unsuited.
  2. I've never used one and probably never will, unless I ever switch to cash games. I feel like the percentages they inform you of are frequently misleading. I know a lot of my 3 bet frequencies drastically change depending on my stack size and the stack sizes around me, along with countless other situations. A HUD does not take this into consideration. I feel like at the very best you'll gain a tiny edge by having a HUD. I've read in related posts about how tons of great players never use one. If you get one, don't become too dependant on the information they offer, lots of spots are extremely situational and only relevant when able. I'm sure my 4 bet frequency is pretty low in the mid stages of a tournament compared to later when the stacks are deeper and I'm focusing on the table. A HUD wouldn't take that into consideration and would likely lead you to make a mistake about giving me more credit than I deserve for that spot.
  3. Lollll if CNN actually played that song
  4. Read nothing but good things about the lives of people you affected. RIP Paresh.
  5. This short stacked you aren't in a position to do anything but jam in this spot. If he's decent he should be isolating limpers a ton here, and if not you're still ahead of his value range unless you have a read he's super tight. I just shove my entire range here and that certainly inclues 1010.
  6. Pretty easy fold in 1/2 because of positions and stack sizes, both you and your opponents are in too early of position and you aren't deep enough to do anything here. In hand 3 it's a pretty standard 3 bet / call. You should be 3 betting a CO open 30 BBs deep from the button a lot and should be balancing that range by calling when they jam with hands like 1010.
  7. Was going to reply til Dean wrote pretty much exactly what I was going to write.
  8. It's possible for some of the better players out there to have breakeven / losing stretches through 1k games, so your 20 game sample size doesn't say anything at all. And as long as people make bigger mistakes than the rake, it's possible to profit. It takes tons of push/fold calculations to figure out exactly how to handle every situation out there, and 99.9% of people aren't willing to put in the work. So in the current state of the games, yeah I'm positive they're profitable.
  9. People made a lot of (fake) money off the ones on tilt. If there is a large enough volume and you have a large enough skill edge, your profit can actually be quite good. With that said I doubt merge has a large enough selection of these to make playing them worthwhile. You should also note that it takes an extroardinary amount of mathematical calculations with push/fold to figure out how to properly play them, which most of the people asking about theoretical expectation have most likely not done.
  10. There were an alarming number of broke or near broke players who had crazy high badges pre black friday. I'm sure it's absurd how many people are broke now. So many people give up huge portions of their profit looking for a big bink while being backed. In order to get a high ranking, you need to play high dollar events. In order to play high dollar events, you need to be backed. When you're backed you give up a ton of equity. There is no real plus side other than ego to being ranked, just focus on getting better and finding ways to make more money.
  11. Since Moorman took this public (despite their decision not to) and they took it to pokerjamers for arbitration, I highly doubt Jym will be playing under Moorman ever again to repay the makeup.
  12. If communication had been more clear by even one side this problem would have been handled much sooner. Jymaster is right, technically. He had the right to leave once Moorman told him he had cashflow problems and couldn't put him into the WSOP. Their deal seems to have included live events up to 10k and as soon as Moorman wasn't able to offer him that, their deal could have been null and void. And in Jymaster defense the WSOP is an excellent him to take some shots to get out of makeup in one big score, so it's a pretty big inconveinience to him to not be able to play. With that said, Moorman clearly would not have let a horse as good as Jymaster walk away 80k in makeup. It seems to me like Jymaster did the bare minimum he had to in order to clear his makeup. I don't think he saw it that way in his own mind, but that's what he did.
  13. Seems like a standard rejam with 1010, I dont like flatting at all. As played I probably fold.
  14. Livb112, Jorj95 and Spacegravy come to mind.
  15. I swore I felt it in southeast NC, have a friend who said the same thing.
  16. A 25bb CO ship is super wide so the buttons reship should also be pretty wide, wide enough that QQ is still not even a decision; snap call.
  17. Something like 22, A2s, not sure what unsuited ace, a8 maybe, K10o, K7s, Q9s, QJo, J9s, J10o, ect would be my range for shoving. Been a while since I've played online though so I could be off a bit, doubt it's off by too much though.
  18. Jam or fold. If he is as loose as you say I side towards folding since his raise/call range is likely to include too many hands.
  19. Honestly at first your best bet is just volume at first. Figure out whether you enjoy MTTs, cash games, HU, 6 max SNGs, SNGs, whatever you enjoy the most and put a lot of volume into those games. Start very small, follow a very conservative bankroll management to start and get a sense of how the game has changed. Be very careful with the training sites though. A lot of them have bad instructors. It's extremely hard to be a good poker coach and most people don't have the skills to both know the game well enough to coach and verbally express that knowledge in a way that's easy for you to learn.
  20. Played a whooooole lot of craps this summer. By the end I would start with 25 on the pass / max odds behind / 5 on the fire and 130 or 135 on all numbers. For people I feel are going to be good shooters I up it to 50 on everything, and if I'm on a real heater I up it to 100 on the numbers.
  21. If you have a large edge in live poker you should be passing on minor +ev spots, so you should factor that in as well. Especially when considering people just don't push as light live with short stacks. He would need to be jamming super wide for this to be a call and given that most people just don't jam wide live it seems like it isn't even close. If the guy is middle aged it isn't even close, don't even think about it. If you don't have a read on him to this point, it's because he hasn't played a hand. I probably sigh fold KQ to a middle aged guy shoving 16 BBs.
  22. You left off like half of the equation before anyone can adequately answer. How old is the guy and what are your reads on him? How many chips do you have behind? If you have 500k and will be down to 9 bbs if you call and lose it's more likely to be a fold if you have like 1 million behind. You're about 2-3 hours from the money so your play is completely dependant on your reads and stack. Actually day 4 blinds started at like the 4k or 5k level, are you sure this isn't day 5? People play way more passively live than online, so unless he's some early 20s internet player who came in short and has been push botting it it seems like a fold. Lots of snap calls online are snap folds live and this definately seems like one of those spots.
  23. 40 is small downswing in supers. The variance in these is insane.
  24. If you're only here for a weekend and you're here to play poker definately do the Venetian events. They allow for plenty of play and have a pretty bad field (probably tougher than the rio deepstack but a significantly better structure). The 1k and 1500 WSOP rio events are also crapshoots early on due to the large field and structure. The Venetian series is just excellent value.
  25. Flat pre is fine and I really like the raise on the flop. Personally I check behind the turn and call a river bet or bet if checked to me, but the more I think about it the more I like your whole line all the way through including checking the river behind. If I'm the villain in this spot I'm calling a lot of raises with QJ/KQ/AQ type hands on the flop, check calling the turn / check jamming (or calling a jam) on the river with all of them. Also, I don't see any chance of him calling anything you're beating on the river, especially not for a jam without any history, so with so many potential Qs in his range I don't think I ever bet the river. The big thing to me here is the lack of history. And gjallen, please quit posting in any hand histories. You consistantly post bad information and have no clue what you are talking about. I feel pity for people without any knowledge thinking you're actually posting something of substance.

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