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  1. Without reads it's especially important to flat pre rather than 3b this deep. If I 3 bet here and get 4 bet I just sigh fold. These fields are WAY too weak to get in a murky post flop situation from an apparant monster out of position. Most people never ever 3 bet light from the SB here without a hand so his 4 bet just screams a monster, easy fold after you get 4 bet.
  2. I'm almost definately folding pre. The buyin would help too to know what kind of field you're up against. Regardless though I'm folding here pretty much 100% of the time pre. In these awful fields with such a good structure you can wade through these people for long long periods of time with a nice rejam stack. Raising a hand that fairs so poorly post flop from early position just seems really really bad.
  3. It's a fold only because of the positions, most people just never reraise light in these particular positions as an attempt to steal, so you're crushed by his value range.
  4. I'm jamming or checking my entire range, never doing anything in between (unless I get fancy with a big pair because the players are that awful). Most likely they're limp folding to a jam a lot which means you can jam a TON of hands. With that said, 99 is WAY above what you need to profitably jam here so just jam.
  5. pretty much exactly this. i can think of plenty of situations where i flat AA to protect my flat range just like raising AA protects my raise range. however, i will say there are tons of individual spots (particularly deep stacked) where you should always raise.
  6. Anything other than a jam would be bad imo.
  7. Very wrong. I wouldn't even be surprised to see Moorman 5 bet fold in some spots. This seems fairly standard given the positions and action at the table. I'm guessing there had been a crazy amount of 3 and 4 betting pre or at the very least between these 2.
  8. Line seems fine throughout. And I prefer a flat pre over a 4 bet against a good reg and I dont think its close.
  9. I dont use a hud and dont plan on using one unless I start to learn cash.
  10. People just dont cold 4 bet there light, easy fold since you're crushed by his range.
  11. 44 is the bottom of my range but still a shove.
  12. Flat wouldnt be a bad option pre depending on the table and how active you've been, especially out of position. When you 3 bet here, 3 bet to more. 2600-3000 would be the sizing I would use. If they still flat pre I probably just give up. Although I frequently check flops like this I hit and am ready to get it in with to protect my check range.
  13. I lived in Vegas for about 4 months last year and know a good group of poker players who have some open rooms I could put you in contact with if interested. PM me if interested.
  14. Need to find a new chart imo. Small and mid pairs UTG that deep fair horribly when jamming.
  15. snap call / win flip and move on / lose flip its early in a sunday no big deal
  16. flat / reevaluate flop / usually let him barrel.
  17. There isn't a single winning player who doesn't go through this and much more since they put in higher volume than most. Man up and learn that suckouts are part of the game. And lol at putting flips lost in here.
  18. Elite players close final tables more often. So much of your equity comes from edges at final tables that most people dont give enough credit.
  19. rule of thumb for most situations is to jam 18-20 bbs or less so with 12 bbs utg your only option should be to just jam. kq call is obviously awful and got lucky to be flipping, gg.
  20. Looking for around 5k UB (Scarypooper1) Have 5k Stars or Tilt (Scarypooper5 on both)
  21. not sure what im going to cut out of my normal schedule but ill have to cut out something. definately 6xing the brawl and 750k.
  22. huds are overrated, but then again so are training sites. i go with a training site.

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