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  1. there are plenty of awful players in the 1ks and 1500s. the difficulty of the fields i would say are around that of the standard $69 tournies. tons and tons of weak spots with a few really good players left at the end.
  2. was wondering if anyone had had to merge yet, bravo sir
  3. Depends on how many tournaments you play with a $50k first prize. Rediculously unlikely if you dont hit a 50k score.
  4. Looking for 3k UB (Scarypooper1) Have 3k Stars or FTP (Scarypooper5 on both) Not looking for anything under 1k.
  5. I use a wired connection on my desktop and it still happens to me, really annoying.
  6. Need ~5k on UB (Scarypooper1) Have ~5k on stars or tilt (Scarypooper5 on both) Not looking for anything under 1k. Multiple high stake transfers in thread.
  7. Most people are not good enough to reraise an EP raiser from MP2 light, it's not worth it pre ante for sure, especially this deep when people will flat a ton. His initial raise to me looks super strong. I call pre and go from there. The only thing I like about the raise is the sizing. I dont have to do the math to know you're crushed by his range. From what I remember offhand Firaldo is a good player and if thats the case then I definately fold.
  8. I'd switch to 9 man turbos before making the switch from non turbo to turbo and 9 max to 6 max at the same time. I can't comment on the 6 max aspect since I never specifically played 6 max turbos. I can however say that the turbo aspect of SNGs are going to have more of a focus on your push/fold game so I would focus on getting better at that. I'd imagine if you were a successful player in non turbos you understand how to play deeper stacked well which leads me to believe push/fold is more of a factor.
  9. To have that many at the stakes he plays, thats beyond baller.
  10. 75 ftw, or lose in my case Stage #526224468 Tourney ID 5883564 Holdem Multi Normal Tournament No Limit 9,000 - 2011-01-16 21:44:39 (ET) Table: 52 (Real Money) Seat #7 is the dealer Seat 2 - MWC1337SAUCE (211,012 in chips) Seat 3 - BTIDMARSH515 (226,120 in chips) Seat 6 - JASPUDUF (339,606 in chips) Seat 7 - SCARYPOOPER1 (299,073 in chips) Seat 8 - ENTVALEXM111 (432,890 in chips) MWC1337SAUCE - Ante 900 BTIDMARSH515 - Ante 900 JASPUDUF - Ante 900 SCARYPOOPER1 - Ante 900 ENTVALEXM111 - Ante 900 ENTVALEXM111 - Posts small blind 4,500 MWC1337SAUCE - Posts big blind 9,000 *** POCKET CARDS *** Dealt to SCARYPOOPER1 [Ah Jc] BTIDMARSH515 - Folds JASPUDUF - Folds SCARYPOOPER1 - Raises 18,000 to 18,000 ENTVALEXM111 - Folds MWC1337SAUCE - All-In(Raise) 201,112 to 210,112 SCARYPOOPER1 - Calls 192,112 *** FLOP *** [9h 8c 2c] *** TURN *** [9h 8c 2c] [6c] *** RIVER *** [9h 8c 2c 6c] [Kd] *** SHOW DOWN *** MWC1337SAUCE - Shows [5h 7h] (Straight, five to nine) SCARYPOOPER1 - Shows [Ah Jc] (ace high) MWC1337SAUCE Collects 429,224 from main pot *** SUMMARY *** Total Pot(429,224) Board [9h 8c 2c 6c Kd] Seat 2: MWC1337SAUCE (big blind) won Total (429,224) All-In HI:(429,224) with Straight, five to nine [5h 7h - B:9h,B:8c,P:7h,B:6c,P:5h] Seat 3: BTIDMARSH515 Folded on the POCKET CARDS Seat 6: JASPUDUF Folded on the POCKET CARDS Seat 7: SCARYPOOPER1 (dealer) HI:lost with ace high [Ah Jc - P:Ah,B:Kd,P:Jc,B:9h,B:8c] Seat 8: ENTVALEXM111 (small blind) Folded on the POCKET CARDS
  11. I like the idea of having the multiple entry tournaments every now and then, but definately not enough to have it for an entire week on everything. Definately cosign with the OP.
  12. Could min raise if you thought the villain was bad, but I probably jam my whole range here.
  13. Sizing on the turn is too small. If I'm checking the river here its with intentions of calling.
  14. The vast majority of people shove way too wide with a 3-10ish BB stack from earlier positions. Even with that said I still shove here, but I think it's pretty close.
  15. Lots of people iso AQ/AJs type hands here so I get it in.
  16. I've always been partial to the Lincoln Navigators. I still probably lean towards the Range Rover though.
  17. Absolutely. Some of the micro and short stack play that tons of good, winning high stake regs make makes me cringe. I mean I'm sure my deep stacked post flop play does the same to them sometimes, but people just seem to panic so much when they get short and make horrible shoves.
  18. Flat seems fine, not sure why so many people are opposed to flatting this spot. 3 bet is fine too, but if I 3 bet I'm usually folding to a 4 bet jam without history. I probably 3 bet here but I'm too tired to think of a good sizing.
  19. I fold here and I think most MTT regs have huge leaks in their short stacked game when shoving in spots like this.
  20. I think there is more luck involved in hypers turbos than super turbos due to the structures. But with that said, they are still very beatable if you figure out what most people do wrong and how to play all spots optimally. Lots more ICM studying than most people would ever give credit. If something is close and you frequently guess, you're doing it less than optimally.
  21. I fold if this is the first hand he's shoved. I time bank / look his stats up and then make a decision. If AQo is not in his range then lol at calling.
  22. I dont think Ive ever read anything that captures why people enjoy the game of poker so much, it really is a challenge. Great post and great read.

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