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  1. Subtitles saved my life watching roundeye shows
  2. I bow before every meal my G. Learn some respect fam.
  3. I don’t give a flying fuck!
  4. How is this possible? If Wayne Gretzky never scored a single NHL goal, he'd still be the league's all-time leading scorer...
  5. Yeah definitely would be cool if he won. This is one of the rare times I'm willing to call a Japanese athlete one of us.
  6. Who the hell is that giant black guy?
  7. Oh makes sense why they ended with that. Wonder who that old white dude was translating for him.
  8. Damn they pulled the coverage. Guess I’ll try to find a stream.
  9. TV is going nuts over here. Biggest Sunday talk show was pulled for live coverage of this lmao.
  10. Stocks - 2021

    How bad did Harleys LiveWire bomb jfc
  11. Jfc when I tag you you tag me pause @Shaaarrrp I’ll take Spieth vs Wiesberger $50 to win $25 qtc
  12. R.I.P DMX

    This was the best DMX jam fuck what you think
  13. He can’t get another one? Is that correct?
  14. Why is he not the king if his bitch is the queen?
  15. @Shaaarrrp bet me in Masters otherwise I'm sending your $50 in yen like I did with @truesyalose you fgt
  16. Oh shit they just showed a replay of Rory hitting the ball and it hits a spectator who turned out to be his own father hahaaa
  17. Matsuyama in 2nd so of course this on live TV at 6:26am

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