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  1. unless something has changed since I last saw him this summer he does not play online
  2. I know Ike and ZJ do not have accounts here and I rarely post here anymore myself, but am popping in to post a link to Justin's reply on 2+2: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=25377875&postcount=123
  3. cross-posting this from 2+2: Everyone was effected equally by the timebank issue and a significant number of hands had already been played out in the tournament, and many people had lost their buyin or buyins and had quit the tournament. I strongly believe stars has made a big mistake by refunding people who had already been eliminated from the tournament. We were all on a level playing field for the 30 minutes the tournament played out, Stars should not be canceling a tournament when so much action has already taken place. Am I mistaken, or has Stars had issues with other running tournaments in the past, paused the tournament, and migrated the stacks over to a new lobby where the issue was fixed? Why not pause this tournament and move our stacks over to another lobby where we have timebanks? That seems like a fair solution to me. Obviously it's too late for that now, but refunding ALL players and acting like the tournament never happened is certainly unfair to those of us who had been playing well and were in the fortunate position of having a large stack to work with. When I was in Mexico for the LAPT that was shut down by the police in 2008, I had been eliminated a few hours before the tournament was canceled, and I didn't get a refund. I recall Victor Ramdin being at or near the chiplead and he got an equitable payout on his stack along with the rest of the field that remained. It seems to me that Stars set a precedent in Mexico that when they make a mistake that equally effects the entire field of an in-progress tournament needing to be canceled, players who have been eliminated before the cancellation are not entitled to a refund. My question is, why this case is any different?
  4. I was 2nd in chips with 27k, on raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaging tilt right now.
  5. MrTimCaum


    jc alvarado, what a legend
  6. the 1 player from North Korea is infinitely more interesting (if true)
  7. it's INSANE/hilarious overall the show will be great, can't wait for it to premier. (late june I think?)
  8. you missed the best part of chat, when inissint said he was going to spit in my face at the wsop
  9. obv he won, once I busted he had 20bbs but was still probably 80% to ship. the rest of the field were stone droolers that had no chance. I have never ever ever seen stuff like I saw between those guys with 25-30 people left. congrats though, one of the few guys I absolutely cannot stand to see at my table.
  10. sheriff joe would have a field day locking up dozens of mtt pros for possession of marijuana
  11. MrTimCaum

    GL TysonDuke23!

    Daut44 def. koolkeith13 by sub (flying armbar) :05 rd1
  12. MrTimCaum

    GL TysonDuke23!

    I might be a loser but at least I'm not tysonduke or koolkeith
  13. thanks guys, I've got a lot of work to do though...
  14. yeah, for sure. they way he originally formatted the OP it made it look like the villain was some ruso-level squeeze monkey, which would make it a turbo snap shove in that spot with TT. Agreed that it's more of an important point, but at the same time I definitely felt like I had a psycho fucking image, especially considering how final two tables played out. He had been at the same table as me for an hour and 20 minutes before this hand, and if that was all the info he could have provided in the pre-edit OP, it looks to me like he wasn't paying attention and/or he's just fishing for people to agree with him and not seeking out actual discussion of strategy...not to say that I think this hand has much value from a discussion standpoint, I felt it was a super standard spot. I can't possibly imagine that this was the most interesting or difficult spot he was in at the table. How about looking at the 4-bet/fold when he first sat down? so basically, we agree. <3
  15. I don't know why he felt the need to change my sn to "SqueezerDewd" and not explain, especially since I'm 95% sure this was the first time I had squeezed a raise and a call. It's just a lazily posted hh with not nearly enough information to have any sort of meaningful discussion, and the information he does happen to provide muddles the dynamic that actually existed at the table.
  16. it's lonely being the only guy at panorama that doesn't play magic :(
  17. this is all so confusing
  18. I would imagine Joe just got paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid.
  19. guess who's gonna snap call this river?
  20. pot buttons encourage bad players to consider the idea that bet sizing is important, and playing bigger pots constantly increases your variance/makes it more difficult for you to crush their souls when they go pot-pot-pot on all 3 streets. i will never cosign.

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