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  1. hahahhahahhhahah BYE Houstonnnnnn nice inbound D…
  2. BevrlyCrushr coming to a sickbay near you soon

  3. Thx Dan. I'll do that when I get off work
  4. actually would prob be better including the quads and cube'
  5. KevMode laying ground work. GO GET EM KEV!!! THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!!!
  6. Sup yall.... I'm looking for a little motivation to grind after that retarded month and would love to get a low stakes rebuy competition going. Was thinking of starting it this sunday through until the end of october. 1r / 3r / 5r / 11r possibly 20r and 30r? was thinking total cashes/prizes winner take all or whatever depending on how many people are interested. was thinking 300$ a person...... thoughts?
  7. A3spades for the super nuts I fold, dont think he's ever jamming riv with anything you beat here
  8. Jeangrae

    this forum

    seems dumb to limit people posting, I mean if someone who has neither the badge or the ranking wants to try and give hand advice let them.... doesn't mean you have to take it
  9. I have just requested your friendship, your expediance in proclamation of this obvious fact would be greatly appreciated by the whole van damme fam
  10. not talking about the guy from the netherlands.... talking bout the shove happy german
  11. Jeangrae


    albeit finishing 9th 8th and 9th, big shoutout to my boy Jon aka 1LATESHOW1 who final tabled 3 consecutive 3rebuys the other day, 2 times it was the 60k which has like 9 million entrants and the 40k once, congrats :)

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