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  1. what from them have you had?
  2. lol you're more retarded than RBF truly an accomplishment, kiddo
  3. holy hell you're dumber than fuck literally nobody gives a fuck if Phil will be hitting ceremonial tee shots at Augusta. Nor will anyone care what Phil does on the Senior tour. I mean, really? Tiger transcended the sport like Jordan transcended basketball, except even more so because of the racial barriers. Phil can certainly thank Tiger for all the money that's available to golfers through endorsements and tournament purses, though.
  4. suck me. Rue d'Floyd is delicious though
  5. whatever is left of that steak looks like it was cooked medium-well
  6. Throw in Arctic Panzer Wolf as well
  7. game is so good. finished it last week. 50ish hours for me too. will go back to it soon and finish up side quests
  8. thread title: how to cook dinner like a complete boss yet no follow up pics [ ] boss
  9. I think it's more of a dig at xbox having nothing new(that's actually good) coming out for a while lol
  10. game is insane. incredible open world. combat is fun and nothing beats fighting badass robot dinos
  11. CUT incredible food and service. great cocktails too. went in November and they had this girl going around with different whiskey/bourbons and making table-side old fashions
  12. check out Horizon Zero Dawn. Open world action RPG that releases tomorrow
  13. Hawks sure do look decent.
  14. lol if you're only playing games with multiplayer you're missing out on some great ones...
  15. tmac456

    ITT we sous vide

    can't help but wonder if 90 mins wasn't enough time for that size of a roast edit: nvm. looked at a couple serious eats recipes and 90mins def was fine.
  16. just drank one tonight. was DELISH
  17. anyone planning to get Horizon: Zero Dawn? pretty damn hyped for it. looks incredible
  18. tmac456

    ITT we sous vide

    ^^^^^^^^ exactly i guess you could do 125 for 1-1.5hrs and prolly get a decent sear for it to come out about medium, but you're better off only using thick cut steaks for SV
  19. dreadnaught is delicious. seek out permanent funeral if you get the chance. it's brewed/bottled about once every few months. so good.
  20. tmac456

    ITT we sous vide

    smoke more weed, bruh
  21. tmac456

    ITT we sous vide

    SV NY strip @ 125 for an hour sear 1min/side in avocado oil then 45s/side with butter. $$$$$$$$$$
  22. tmac456

    ITT we sous vide

    did some costco prime sirloins a couple weeks back. they were very good. recommend even using a marinade on them before cooking Ask the dbag to link where it says 95% of the world eats meat well done And goddamn that brisket looks great
  23. guac looks like the pre-packaged stuff

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