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  1. Looks like its all the Tournys that started at 3:00pm EST and on. All of my earlier ones are running fine with a little lag
  2. Just recently started srsly grinding midstakes and tha Herb is keeeyyyy for Tha Herrrbbbbb!
  3. You can think all day...the bottom line difference is not just "Winning Flips" its winning flips in big spots. I've been 3 flips away from final tableing 3 sunday majors...twice in the million...had I won those flips rest would be history but instead here I sit a humble beggar :( yet to cash my first 5 didget win...(obv these aren't the only flips lost and some of my losses are my own fault)...just sayin the difference between good and great is not entirely how you play conidering all the information floating around now...just when you play better you give yourself a better chance Obv.
  4. Doesn't Moorman get a peice of jy's action online?
  5. 3 final tables tonight 3rd in the $50 rebuy, 9th in the 109 50k and heads up right now in the $55 cubed... variance paying off woooohooo! Shippped it woooohoooooo
  6. Thanks guys for the feedback. Looking for anything or way to improve so its always nice to get some good responses.
  7. Well I just started putting forth some effort in my poker game after I was humbled on a trip to AC. Anyways since I have been back which has been about a month I have been playing good poker up about 5k playing mid to high stakes mtt tournys. I keep making deep runs I just can't push through for a good cash. Any suggestions? I have been studying up and playing a good bit just seem to keep getting beat in the big pots to push through for a big cash.
  8. Then why are you commenting? Why not skip over the thread and move on with you life? Read the damn title of thread and read the all the posts if your going to comment..and get your facts straight before you start calling me out for bitching. I really don't want to hear this BS either....I don't know the half of it? 5% is 5%...10% is 10% looks hard >< once again not trying to be rude but jesus christ you guys are unbeleivable
  9. Thank you for your input but if I do recall I didn't say I was deserved of anything...I mearly said I don't appreciate being called "not quilified or Underqualified" Read the original post...and I came on here to vent today sorry it was a rapeing like no other next time Ill keep my mouth shut! And my friend has been playing amazing poker and I am taking nothing away from him and but we do have the same mindset....We all study the same stuff our styles are similar is all I am saying! Oh and "Second off" of course I'm not ALAWYS in with the best when did I say that? So how about you quit being t
  10. This is hilarious to me....I get told I'm not qualified because I come on here to vent about the terrible month I am having? So I am guessing you guys were all "Qualified" from birth right? Im not trying to be rude or start anything but I am in a slump a downswing or perhaps I'm just terribly unlucky but when your hands are getting cracked continously well played or not well played it gets a little much. And as far as where did i get my backer... My two friends and I are being backed by another wealthier friend who has been around the game a long time and sees potential. We play in the bigger
  11. Well today was yet another horrid Sunday...Went out with AA preflop in the second chance, warm up, and the 50/50...in the million and the DNG I went out top two pair post flop to runner runner....in Ftops 11 and 13 I was rivered an A on AK vs my KK and had 1010 vs AK post flop, flop was A 3 10 turn Q river u guessed it JACK!!! In the 500 I had KJ of hearts flushed on by A9. I mean how the hell do I run this bad?? Am I missing something ( other than the flop haha) P.S.... The terribly sad part about it is this was this was like my 3rd worst day this week :( Help me lol
  12. Just got a backer about 3 months ago...been playing live and low stakes online for 5 years now off and on. Since I started getting backed I have been playing on stars mostly in the mtt tournys buy ins anywhere from $10 to the super tuesday buyin. I'm on a pretty dramatic downswing of 13k this past month. Im not sure what to do I have tried to fix the leaks and just can't seem to break through. Playing around 15-20 games a day 4 days a week. All majors on sunday on stars and just can't seem to get out of this slump during this downswing. Any suggestions? I'm trying to push through it but its ge
  13. Well about a month and a half ago I got backed to pretty much play in the higher stakes tournaments on stars and ftp. Haven't played to much on FTP its mostly been on stars. Started back playing May 27th won a couple and was sitting around even with my backer for about 2 weeks and since then ive hit about a 13k downslide, I've been playing solid and I am playing on average 15+ games a day and I can win races early in tournaments but when it matters and comes time to making a deep push is when I get my cards busted or either get card dead and blinded down to oblivion untill im forced to push wi
  14. I don't think the sites are rigged but I am a firm believer there is a method to eliminating small stacks in Tournys. The evidence is too accurate for it not to be. An example if you play Madden on xbox or even mario kart the same momentum feature is programmed into them. In mario kart when you get down you start recieving better items (vice versa for poker)...madden when a team does something in the game it will purposfully make it harder for the other team to score. Same situation with the online RNGs. So like i said its not really rigged but its something that could be incorperated to help
  15. Awesome I can't wait then...and no im not the drunk guy...how much were you up playing $1/2 tables? do they have any other limits there?
  16. My friend and I are heading down to Charleston WV to play some poker at the tri-state casino near the dog tracks. My uncle has told me they have easy cash games and decent tournaments. Anyone ever played here before or heard of it?
  17. Just wanted some advice on bankroll management and how to do it. I play on pokerstars and FTP mainly on FTP recently but will probably be switching to stars soon. I have a $1000 bank roll after cashing out about 4k for bills and such. I want to take poker seriously and establish myself as one of the best. I have the skill, I know the odds, and I am a pretty lucky person in general. I'm not going to quit my day job but I am going to play about 6-8 hours a day. My ultimate goal is to consistantly make money over a long period of time and move up the food chain to higher stakes. My first question
  18. And if you want my data, my progressions, my notes, hand history whatever email me at saleens28112@yahoo.com and i will gladly foward it to you!
  19. Its cool yall can laugh you can make fun of it say i shouldnt have done this that or whatever but I just wanted come on here say my peace and leave I am done with it, You guys can take it for what its worth, yall are so caught up in watching all the good players win and even you win sometimes that you dont see the big picture so like i said before good luck on the tables and Im out!
  20. Guys you dont get it, I am DONE with online poker I dont give a crap if they close my accounts, I am done!
  21. buddy I have played atleast 3 times a week for the past 3 years, I have done the whole 5% of my bankroll thing to try to build it up and I have played perfect poker in alot of tournaments, ive studied the game, i have read the books, and I have got the experience, I understand that you play more hands online and that is why you take more beats, So i tested that too, I ran a progression on 1000 of my hands and it was 23% off, that is an extreme amount off, and I know that thats not a lot of hands compared to what they base it on but it shouldnt be that far off!!

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