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  1. yes got two checks this at the end of june/ start of july both cleared 1st check took 15 days to rec 2nd check took 9 days to rec
  2. dont they give straight cash for your satty win now? thats dope AF!! I didnt know support would change T$ for cash so my bad I have been slippin
  3. I personally think they are terrible. $22r $1k $27.50 $500..etc
  4. also it is ok if you guys deposit. Its your money no need to feel shame
  5. Its like theyre running two different $33 $10ks but if you make the FT with both entries they combine your stacks
  6. yeah bro merge hasnt been tracking right for months!! opr nor ss have tarcked sattys win since merge added a bunch of sattys awhile back. WPN isnt much better had a + $1.6k day sunday and ss had me losing 1k
  7. 7/03/15 merge is having multi entry mtts. (only 2 seat per mtt) but sounds a lot like what ftp did before they went down. Seems to me merge is searching for odd way to bring in more rake. I dont hate the double down idea. I get to play 2 $33 $10ks
  8. Req 6/13/15 processed 6/15/15 <---have not rec'd req 6/20/15 processed 6/22/15 rec'd 6/26/15
  9. For the looks of thing you will be waiting 6-8 weeks+ Read this thread for the horror stories
  10. im glad people are getting paid but now I think we need merge to have a fair time frame for payment. There is no reason WPN can have check in hand in two weeks and bovy check in hand in 3 days but merge take 6-8+ weeks
  11. A few thoughts Ive had 1) Every site out there has a decent $11 mtt with a big GTD except wpn. Maybe you guys could dump the $11 $750 4 max at 5:00pm and put say $11 $1.5k and let it grow into a monster? <<--progressive GTD 2) There are some mtts that I dont see run a) $50 Mega Bounty - 6 max 12:00pm -- Get rid of it or make it an $11 $750 b) $11 $750 4 max 5:00pm -- Make an $11 $1.5k with a progressive GTD c) $50 Mega bounty NLO8 6 max 5:45 -- $11 Mega bounty $1k d) $22 $1.5k 4 max 9:15 -- Make this a 6 max PLZ 3) To help your mtts grow there should be on demand sattys that start when you have 36 ppl ready to play. 1 hour late reg. $1.10 to a $11 would be 3 seats min $2.20 to the $22 $25k on sunday (1st seat won is a must play) $3.30 to the $33 $12.5k on sunday ( 1st seat won is a must play) $5.50 to the $55 $5k on sunday (1st seat won is a must play) $11 to the $109 $25k on sunday (1st seat won is a must play) $22 to the $215 $115k on sunday ( 1st seat won is a must play)
  12. whats this G160M series? I mean today there are a bunch of mtts labeled G160M but not 1 seems worth playing
  13. You cant enjoy the $55 Mega stack turbo 6 max with no GTD cuz it never runs and the $11 4 max $750 rarely runs
  14. I dont see any sattys to the $22 $25k either. I wonder why wpn shows lil love to the low stakes players? I think all your 4max low buyin stuff should be changed to 8-9 handed and those $50 Mega turbos with no GTD that never run should be $11 $1ks..that will run imo
  15. Why cant I register for mtts using Tourney bucks?
  16. Are the wsop $109/$55 satty mtts and the wsop jackpots going to continue after the wsop is over? I think it would be a cool thing to keep going. although I did here that if you win one you get the $12.5k in cash and if you win another you get tourney bucks.
  17. Check cleared no problems!! Pretty refreshing considering all the drama merge makes us put up with
  18. 1st time streamer Commasaftercommas ranked #59 in the whole USA!! Eat that Jstrandt
  19. I cant register for the Jackpot sit n gos....

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