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    Stocks - 2021

    Same for me AU. Bought 154 shares at $15.59 and it immediately went down to like $6 that day. I just lol'ed at myself and held it. Figured with people going back to the movies it had to rebound at some point. Didn't think a squeeze was coming though.
  2. Thanks Donk, but I figured out.
  3. Thanks fellas, I got it figured out.
  4. What's the easiest way to cut say 3 to 5 seconds out of a youtube video and then use it in my own video in imovie? Not trying plagiarize or anything, just want to cut out a quick clip. Like Ivan Drago saying, "If he dies, he dies" in Rocky IV . I just want to take those 3 seconds and splice them into my own video.
  5. I'm going to purchase Pokertracker 4. Can I import my hand histories from the current HUD I'm using? Must be possible correct?
  6. Bert be home Blyleven Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe
  7. I always liked Plastic Man for Stacey Augmon And Jason Williams as White Chocolate but I also heard him called The Cream Dream and The Alabaster Disaster and I loved both of those.
  8. who wins this: Tannehill and Jarvis Landry vs Mike Wallace +26 pts. Standard league.
  9. who to start: Blount at the packers or Herron at home against the skins?
  10. What do you guys think about trading Forte for Ahmad Bradshaw and Alfred Morris?
  11. Any thought on offering AJ Green for Eddy Lacy? My other wr's are, Jeffrey, Terrance Williams, Malcolm Floyd, Andrew Hawkins and John Brown stashed away for a rainy day. My other rb's are Forte, Stacy, McKinnon, the running back formerly known as Terrance West, and the shoplifter. Gotta be a good trade right?
  12. Sounds like a great time boys, I'll pack the heat.
  13. Headed to Cincy tomorrow for Reds v Braves and then Cleveland for Browns v Rams on Saturday. I figure both downtowns are like other cities with downtown ballparks in that you just find a $20 lot for parking and that's that. Thought you fuckers might have some tips though.
  14. day and a half till kick off. get in.
  15. lol just three of us. easy cash this year.
  16. just sent on paypal. thanks for hooking it up again this year djg23. appreciate it. break me off the code
  17. thanks boys! leaning towards agent zigzag, moe berg, or scar tissue
  18. Got a plane trip coming up and looking for a good biography to read. Athletes, bands/musicians or anybody with great stories. I'd even consider political figures.
  19. you know i'm in. i'm cool with top 3 getting paid
  20. unfortunately, it will likely take fifa another 50 years to figure out how to implement reviews. by far the worst governing body in sports
  21. i really like ian darke and macca together. fun to listen to.
  22. i guess they don't, but has it ever happened before?
  23. idols can't be played at f4, but tony tried telling them that that's what is special about the special idol.

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