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  1. Hey I basically just got home for the first time a I was immediately kidnapped to go celebrate. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone in this thread!
  2. Yesssss! gl Matt show these motherfuckers how to min-bet.
  3. You can prob fold for the $130 more, looks like red is begging for an overcall instead of shoving to iso
  4. SirWatts

    WTF UB?

    This just happened at our table in the UB $530. dipthrong said he got disconnect in the middle of the hand. I think it just stopped dealing and shipped the other guy the pot??? Pre-flop: Pojoaque Slim folds. YRWTHMELTHR folds. dipthr0ng raises to 775. xraypies folds. amak316 folds. Froggy_06 re-raises to 1250. UCF_THAYER folds. GoodGobJobbo folds. SirWatts folds. dipthr0ng re-raises to 2775. Froggy_06 goes all-in for 8300. dipthr0ng calls. Tournament all-in showdown -- players show: dipthr0ng shows Ad Ac. Froggy_06 shows Ah Kc. Flop (board: 9d Qd Js): (no action in this round) Hand #50892842-134 Summary: No rake is taken for this hand. Froggy_06 wins 17050 with ace high. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Kind of rediculous discussion but Steve PA, Nenad, and Karam not getting enough love. How do people still not understand that timex is a sicko?
  6. SirWatts

    PLO hand

    No reason to bet, just check/call. The ideal situation is shannon pots it and the other guy shoves not reopening the action so you can get maximum money in 3-ways when your draw has >33% equity.
  7. I'm playing the main event, timex estimate seems reasonable.
  8. I think the flop check is fine and I'd fold the river. You get him to fold a set but otherwise I just don't see what's folding that you beat (he probably checks behind 2 pair), so call seems a lot better than raise, but I dont think he's bluffing enough for a call to be good, but I don't really know this player well and depending on history etc.. it could sway to a call.
  9. I don't think I've ever seen GB fold AJ preflop.
  10. wtf @ everyone saying PJ has a supertight range here, have any of you actually played against him or do you just make this stuff up as you go to try to justify your nitty folds? Anyways the correct answer is to do what timex says on even minutes and what APGent says on odd minutes, thus randomizing your play and making it unexploitable. However, if PJ/jpap know about your even/odd randomization method you will have to burn some timebank while you flip a coin.
  11. Shouldn't title be "Make $2400 this week, and $2400 for timex?".
  12. damn looks like I lost.
  13. SirWatts


    Thanks guys it's nice to finally make it.
  14. I'm just here for school I grew up out east.
  15. Yeah it's Ontario lol I'm at UW
  16. Hey Broodogg just joined these forums.... I definitely agree that I probably reraised too much there, I just wanted to take the pot down not play a flop out of position. Anyways your push was good since I'm definitely capable of making that type of move with worse hands in a steal/resteal situation, and getting 2:1 I have a very easy call even if I think your range is as tight as AA-JJ, AK (which I did). Obviously neither of us really wanted to get into a big coinflip there but sometimes the way hands play out you're basically forced to.

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