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  1. I want to get pokertracker and PAHUD on my new macbook pro with leopard and i dont want to use bootcamp and I do not have a windows cd. This has to happen tonight so i can use it for all the tourneys tomorrow
  2. ok i got stars to work now how do I get pokertracker and PAHUD to work?
  3. ill pay some1 to teach me how to make everything work without a windows cd on my macbook pro to use in time for all the majors tomorrow
  4. Is there a way to use windows on mac without having a windows cd? i cannot find a store that has the full version in stock and i dont want to wait for it to ship to me. Or if you have figured out another way to use pokerstars on mac without windows please explain how.
  5. Send your $50 to fergwrx antplays cuz heres the hands Full Tilt Poker Game #3680913645: $55,000 Guarantee (27628153), Table 10 - 10/20 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:05:31 ET - 2007/09/26 Seat 1: undefeated33 (3,080) Seat 2: Ace Franklin (2,520) Seat 3: fergwrx (3,140) Seat 4: GBecks (2,970) Seat 5: Antplays (2,700) Seat 6: slickbigger (3,000) Seat 7: Polakforlife (3,720) Seat 8: wrglyfeeld05 (3,000) Seat 9: Orange Iguanas (2,870) Antplays posts the small blind of 10 slickbigger posts the big blind of 20 The button is in seat #4 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to fergwrx [As A
  6. I still have yet to get 10 $114's going...It takes about 35 min to get 10 going and ive tried during the after noon (east coast) and prime time at like 9pm.
  7. Where do you all play sit and go's...It seems like on pokerstars only the $60's register quick enough to multitable. I remember when you could easily 10 table the $200+ sng's on party, so my question is are there any other sites that register higher stakes sng's than stars?
  8. fergwrx

    Toilet is back

    every1 fix ur pro polls cuz toilet has rejoined P5's. Obv he is better then 91st
  9. WTF is he not ranked higher on the pro poll. This kid has taken down just about every tournament including Turning stone $1k event and PLB score is 14th. He has already won two tournaments this week and needs one more for the triple crown. He is basically the stone cold nuts.
  10. posting this here is pretty dumb, but I did not want to berate/trash talk him, so I edited my post
  11. No offense but why on earth would you tell a fish what he did wrong
  12. I was wondering if anybody has ever seen any of these run? I just noticed they had them today, and would like to get one running as often as possible.
  13. agreed. Would sick awesome fun, but so wrong
  14. I own a T$/W$ service and buy them, but have no idea if I am allowed to post my website here.
  15. fergwrx

    PLB updates

    oh ok thanks alot
  16. fergwrx

    PLB updates

    How come PLB for stars events have not been updated this week? I dont think anything has been tracked for pokerstars since before the sunday $1k
  17. yea i agree in that case thats one HELL of a fold. I was psmoney on the table. GL in all the big ones this sunday
  18. Yo busto what did you lay down with that incredible pot odds? I really dont think he had the flush i think hes just an aggro retard if you remember the hand im talking about
  19. I bet if pocket fives or pokernews or any of the large poker news syndications would investigate why all of the sites keep crashing they could find the story of the year. Just my 2 cents.
  20. everyday full tilt and stars break....How the hell am I supposed to ever finish tourneys if they keep BREAKING!!!!

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