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    ahh. wisco. that is one man i really miss.
  2. good gosh seriously. they hit the front of the shooters car then went back around.
  3. that last one is going viral Lefty
  4. kinda what i was thinking URI. much like a fruit fly.
  5. if the pig is halted suddenly yes
  6. just sayin...this is my Crew!
  7. tomorrow is the birth of this nation, all of the pain , loss and the start of the bullshit. be proud. or sound off,
  8. i wish you luck with the Feds brother. it's all a joke now anyway. gun laws are politicians ways to make a big STATEMENT. these clowns picked the wrong fight with this country IMO. it does not seem that they care what joe smo is doing unless it makes a political statement. enjoy your day sir!
  9. and good evening/morning to you sir
  10. yep, wanta is one of a kind. eats a boatload though. it was good to have you in Texas years ago sir.
  11. good lord, let us Please, photoshop those hips down. ahh fuck it. just yuck.
  12. i agree with camz. enjoy what you live.
  13. you uh..you uh don't get around my place obviously
  14. good luck with this mess kobs. and for fucks sake, get busy on the beets!
  15. oh, shrubs and i have a pinch of history. sooooo..what are You doin"?
  16. you guys just astound me. WTF is wrong with that person?
  17. then i shall say, peace be upon me. it's been a grand ride!
  18. while i will certainly agree, fuck it, i still play poker.

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