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  1. Hi Just wondering are Irish Poker players "That reside In Ireland" allowed to play at Winamax?
  2. bet ur made hands especially on flop like that, turn pairs and u rr small, thats silly, river fks it all up gg
  3. Fair play to all the guys who have gave advice here, good to see good advice and not criticism
  4. Think ur behind there just by looking at the way hand played out, its a tough fold and ur stack is not decimated if u call and ur wrong, because of your stack size and others around including his u can def 3bet there and ull have a better idea where u stand in the hand then, he had 20bbs so doesnt have to have a monster, u have position and even if he check shoves to u on the flop u still have 30bbs+ left which is plenty at that stage, good spot to post
  5. It wont work out by exiting the game, doesnt work that way unfortunately, 500 a week is a very unrealistic aim by the sounds of things, ud really need to get lucky somewhere along the line, where are u thinking of playing?, what will be ur starting bankroll?, have u a few quid saved for the rough times? coz they will come... I can give u advice on what to do and what to play etc if i know these things, definately satellites should be played as it doesnt sound like ud have a huge bankroll to start with..., uve some hope of hitting a decent score cheaply then.
  6. http://pokerphotoarchive.photoshelter.com/image/I0000A69zB3VcfiU Thats the girlfriend, good luck to him....
  7. At ufgators: ive played on stars since 2007 ive played 13k plus games ur prob looking at reset stats. At djdoo: The first part of your sentence could be right, but the said coach is also a good friend of mine and we started playing together from the start so he knows my game. The wording steadily won through was meant when i didnt know how to play the game properly. At benfaz: Thanks for the advice but dont have the time for freezeouts anymore
  8. Thanks clemson Yea they are turbos, the problem is that i am aggressive at the fts as i play ftw, 4-9th is like not cashing to me, there's a saying that there's no substitute for running good at fts but that does'nt seem to apply to me, i just dont win the flips that matter, im not 100% on shove/fold but im not far off it, for regular mtts i dont have the bankroll to play them, its like when i pick up the correct hand to shove at a ft u can bet ur life that someone behind me has a premium, also i rarely beat a short stack all in and most of the time im ahead in those situations and those small pots are just as important as the big ones, im not whinging or anything, i just dont understand how ive gone from being a solid winning player with just fundemantal knowledge on beating the game to a losing player with a tonne more knowledge on beating the game.
  9. Hi, For the past 2 years i have not been able to win steadily online, i have improved my game, got coaching from one of the best mtt sng player on stars, his feedback from the hhs i send him is that im playing 99% similiar to what he does and says i should be crushing, im at fts every sess i play from 45-180s but rarely win or get top 3, i play 17/15 with a 3b of 5%, 3b prob a bit low but all in all i play a decent game i would say. i only play micro to low stakes sngs, ive started playing on fulltilt now, the 3.30 90kos and its the same story, loads of fts but breaking even, its just 100 or so atm but its the same pattern developing, should i just quit the game altogether is the question i am asking here?? les
  10. Wow that is some offer there, i have 40% there and thought that was good, ud be a fool to turn it down.
  11. Is it 6 max or full ring u will play, and how many tables are u thinking of playing?
  12. Is full tilt down for everybody?
  13. yea was well pissed off with it, how am i supposed to know there is a glitch in the software, ahh well, thanks a lot for your replies...
  14. No I kept on trying to open the tables and they were coming up blank, i didnt know about the glitch as i never really played there before. Just seemed strange to me that i could be playing in one tourney and not the other when they are running at the same time.... Surely im not disconnected if im able to play at least one tourney??..
  15. Last night i registered for 5 tournaments on UB, $50 mini uboc, 2x $40fo's, $15fo and 5rb. I was able to play the $50 fo and 5rb, all the others i couldnt play a hand in, the tables were coming up blank. I emailed them to ask why i couldnt play these games and they basically said since i am using a wireless connection and not a wired as they suggest its tough shit and i wont get a refund. All other internet applications were running fine and i was playing on full tilt as well with no problems. Just wondering am i at fault here because i am using a wireless connection that works perfectly on every other site and application that i run?
  16. Hey Just wondering is it much off a disadvantage to just enter once into these tourneys?
  17. They will probably try to fix it now on the 5 min break....

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