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  2. I took my names down from my profile because I practically stopped playing, and I didn't really care about being being ranked something very low so I decided to just remove them since I didn't stand with my volume vs the volume everyone else plays. I know how much I've made from online MTTs and its more than what gershenator's estimation is even after adjusting for rebuys.
  3. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to get recognition as a blader.
  4. fyi I'm up well over a million in online MTTs. On AbsolutePoker I'm Convivialguy, and the db for some reason is missing my 1K Wednesday win. On Paradise, I used the names Muckilteo and atimos, and on Cake I've won one or two Sunday majors and a couple more FTs.
  5. God, this guy is soooo bad. But his voice is so annoying I can't stand to watch any more videos.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/user/TurtleKnife I just found this, and so far the first three I've watched are pure gold: Sorry I don't know how to make the link clickable, but believe me this is worth the copy + paste. If a mod can edit my post and do it it'd be great.
  7. God I wish I played 3Rs...
  8. GL Amit, Mike, Vivek, and Marco.
  9. I think TAJ111 is the sicko, for putting both of you on AK and going with a read! Too bad it didn't work out this time. :(
  10. This is more than likely a repost, but I feel this is a very, very important topic that everyone who doesn't already know should know about. Myself, I found out about this very late and I feel there are very many others in my boat that didn't hear about this. http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthread.php?t=99247 Cliffnotes: Superusers on UB take millions from the HSNL games. Severely compelling evidence has been provided, but UB remains silent and unresponsive about the cheating that took place.
  11. Yes, It is usually how I determine whether to set mine or not. It's actually one of my secrets that others don't implement in their game. The frequency of a certain card hitting is directly related to how often that card has flopped before. For this reason I sometimes open fold hands like AK and AQ, and certain pairs that haven't flopped recently. People who complain about AK never hitting should follow previous flop patterns and base their decisions on that.
  12. Congrats! I was fortunate enough to watch him close this live, and I can confirm he played well. :)
  13. Judging by the trailer, this seems like a movie you'd have to pay me to see.
  14. I'm left handed and I think timex is also. Don't know about anyone else.

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