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  1. Is it bad that I will enjoy any whisky?
  2. $50 Rays +160 Rays First 5 +155
  3. $50 Texans/Packers Under 57.5 Texans/Packers Under 28 First Half +110 Lions +2 Lions ML +120 Lions +0.5 First Half Lions/Falcons Over 55 Lions/Falcons Over 27 First Half Bills -10 Panthers/Saints Over 50.5 Panthers/Saints Over 24.5 First Half +105 Bengals/Browns Over 51 Bengals/Browns Over 24.5 First Half +105 Steelers +1.5 Steelers ML +115 Steelers/Titans Under 51
  4. Stock up on Twinkies. The apocalypse is coming.
  5. Stop picking on 80cent. #chickentitties
  6. Europe shouldn't be treated as a country in this case as each country is more or less making their own rules. That being said, it can be generalized in some ways as some countries tend to mimic their neighbors to some extents. Some travel between countries come out in agreements between multiple countries. Some countries did begin to skyrocket during the summer (mostly southern Europe) and by the end of the summer the signs were there that there would be a serious second wave that would be worse than the first. Of course, we were sold that the lockdown was partly so countries could prepare their infrastructure better but in most cases there aren't that many more hospital beds if any at all. Maybe some more ventilators which is good.
  7. $50 each (odds taken from Sportsbook as Bovada doesn't load here) Lokomotiv Moscow +1.5 +115 FC Midtjyland +1.5 -180 FC Porto +1.5 +120 Marseille Over 2.5 +125
  8. Glad to see the coyote grew a pair. Missed opportunity for free ham for the squirrels. Guessing they were busy with the pizza.
  9. I may need to subscribe to the live feed. I am guessing that the coyotes are gaining some courage right about now but it will come down to the squirrels getting tired of looking for pizza and chowing down on the ham in the morning.
  10. So close to the prize. It took awhile for them to even look up. Maybe they thought that ham doesn't grow on trees. You left a major cliffhanger. Did the squirrel snag some ham in the morning?
  11. Just got my absentee ballot but don't remember asking for one as haven't voted in US elections in almost 20 years. I haven't lived in the USA in 15 years, so seems weird for me to even vote. Not sure if I will or won't yet. None of the third party candidates interest me. Wouldn't vote for Trump but can't see how I could vote for the "lesser of two evils" in this case either. Plus New Jersey, which I believe is where I would be counted, is already decided. So I probably will be a pussy ( @URI_Stunna reference) and sit out but wasn't planning to vote anyway.
  12. Sweden always had restrictions, they were just less than most of the world for a time. Then summer came, and much of Europe opened up with even less restrictions than Sweden. Even now, Lithuania has less restrictions than Sweden but this could change in a week as second round of parliment elections are over the weekend. With cases on the rise (at the highest point now with more than 200 new reported infections pre day, but still on the low side for Europe), I would expect some restrictions introduced soon. I just hope this doesn't include the closing of schools but if I did I became a decent home school teacher by the beginning of May when schools opened up again during the first wave.
  13. Fucked up shit. Glad to see some French support. Hope it doesn't turn to hate to all Muslims but definitely need to rally against extremism.
  14. @Sweetness777 - Please send me your PayPal - will clear the tab now and start a new one until end of November or $500 whichever comes first.
  15. Just proving you are four-times greater than 80lb. That's pretty sick though.
  16. Just proving you are four-times greater than 80lb. That's pretty sick though.
  17. $50 Rams/49ers Under 51.5
  18. $50 Giants -1 Packers/Bucs Under 55

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