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  1. Check out this prop bet some of the Strategy pros made on this iPhone game: Video here I've been told the game is free to download at the moment and featured on open feint and it’s worth a look. Pretty good fun.
  2. im not looking for any staking, in anything particular i do get staked in a site i help run for about 10% of my action. But i was wondering whether there was a formula or way to evaluate when it made sense to get staked and when it didnt. eg. andy mcleod is selling some of his action in the 25k heads up. When is it profitable for both the backer and the backee ?
  3. Yeh they definately should have run satellites, pokerstars lobby should also point you to satellites a la full tilt. Oh well cant afford to play, but the 2nd best thing is buying some action off someone who is. Got some andy mcleod shares, go you good thing ! rk
  4. With the WCOOP coming up, theres a lot of big online tournaments. At what point do people reckon its not a bad idea to seek backing to play in tournaments that you feel you have an edge over the field but your bankroll may not warrant it. eg. I know some people who are good limit players both tournament and cash, tho paying $1000 for the Limit event is a bit pricey, but if you look at the field there are a lot of no-limit players who are just playing for the fun and therefore there is value. Is there a magic number, eg when you are risking more than 2%(or 1%) of your bankroll u should be seeking backing? rk

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