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  1. lets just have some donuts instead
  2. Happy Easter OT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. if bad players win on ACR then why would you want another platform? do you like to lose?
  4. I would do it for the right money
  5. his range would include many queens AQ KQ QJ ETC... easy fold on the river even easier fold pre flop
  6. might need some rad away too
  7. if they still had their nukes would Russia be invading them?
  8. why you post this in bad beats?
  9. He was great I'm old enough to have watched him coach I remember being surprised when he retired from coaching. He beat the hell out of the vikings last super bowl team.
  10. Witcher is awesome but I played the video games so I'm biased
  11. swings are big in tournament play and running bad hurts your confidence as long as your playing well it will turn around
  12. I wonder if Kyle will be there helping more people
  13. Keytruda is mRNA and has gotten rid of cancer in my wife twice now. she had stage 4 lung cancer that spread to the lymph nodes. The side effects from it got a lot worse the second time she had to get on it though and also with some people it will attack healthy cells. I do think they are close to a breakthrough with cancer. immunotherapy is a game changer
  14. might want to change the thread title I don't think he's saving America.....
  15. any betting odds on the verdict yet?

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