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  1. I had AA

    what was the turn?
  2. como se dice......... HOWH?
  3. Min Raising

    couldnt agree more
  4. couldnt fathom doing anything other than folding vs an early position 4x against a guy playing 34/6 with those stack depths..
  5. haha I dunno how I did it man... was playing my standard schedule with a bunch of tables up all of a sudden I had like 15 million with 30 or so people left and kept running good till I won. It helps having the other 4 players 5 handed having average buy-ins ranging from $0.25 to $3.06 lol. as far as pros and cons for this tourney go, I can't even think of any cons. all fish, quick structure, and insanely high ROI potential. I love the structure. I don't even really go crazy at all in the rebuy period during it. I'm usually already at least 12-15 tabling when it starts so it takes too much attention from my other tables if I try to start shoving a ton of hands during rebuy period. I'd say I'm usually in for an average of around $7-$8.
  6. yep... and jamie will be in Cabo for it so he can officially be my teammate and not 2 dolts like betudoltbet and patches mahoney
  7. speedway was a really fun tourney to win... should be a sick sweat tomrorow guys gl no matter how it goes just remember deep down in ur heart that i love all of you
  8. According to his facebook fan page: Pius Heinz I hearby proudly announce that from now on I am an official member of the Team pokerstars. I'm well prepared for the Main Event Finale Table and my next stop will be at EPT in Prague. I hope to see you there at the tables. Unlike · · Share · 2 hours ago · Congrats Pius and good luck at the November 9 final table on Sunday!
  9. http://www.twitter.com/#!/theczar19 playing 20-25 wsops and prob a handful of venetians. vamooooooo.
  10. thx a lot guys. sorta sucks that i cant grind to try and stay on top, going to just win a bracelet instead :)
  11. im not joking lol. i just like it more than any of the other options. all of them suck but calling sucks the least imho. too lazy to elaborate any more now but maybe tomorrow
  12. It's Friday!

    lol. pokerstars response e-mail after i requested another avatar change so i could make my avatar Rebecca Black... Hello Bryan, Thank you for your follow-up. We are pleased to confirm your image has been approved, and is now visible at the tables. Let's hope that perhaps some day Miss Black will find a way to decide which seat to take and as always please let us know if we can assist you further. Regards, Liis PokerStars Support Team
  13. nice post confucius... should lose posting privileges once you become as old as thayer... sorta like old people and driving.
  14. god ship pics right now or it didnt happen. i need some material for before bed...
  15. almost 15 thousand bucks to the winner, gl Jeff we're all on your side!
  16. stars should add uno to their mixed games
  17. Pretty unreal 2-3 day stretch :) Taking a much needed day off today, ahhhhhhlaxin22 on some.
  18. Thanks so much guys, feels soooooooo good. Been waiting literally years for this, great game to nextcase congrats on the title man, and congrats to Benny P also, was a sick final table. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  19. i used to like addy but it just keeps me up till like 7-8am if i take it and just gets my schedule all messed up. just stick with the chronic imo. addy for like big sundays (like this coming sunday), but i hate doing it on a frequent basis.
  20. id say roll for playing 100r's is probably about $5,000. if you have $8,000 you should be way in the clear. see you in the sunday 109 rebuy tomorrow, gl mate.

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