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  1. Nothing will be better for you than experience. Just play as much as you can, and learn from every mistake you make. This is the quickest way to get better.
  2. What do you think is (was??) my greatest weakness in MTTS. What do you think is (was??) my greatest strength in MTTS?
  3. Lenail- Not sure about the million bonus, I have no idea about that. I appreciate the kind words.
  4. Congrats to my brother vengrinj for taking down both daily doubles on FTP, made a sick comeback on the second one making it that much sweeter!
  5. Can we get some decent guarantees?
  6. Agreed, add more levels or make it 20 min levels, def a joke to be playing for 1.6 mil and have 17 bbs.
  7. They more then doubled the guarantee, it seems whenever they guarantee high.... they hit. I don't see a downside to having a 5 mil guaranteed every weekend, or at least once a month. At LEAST bump up the guarantee from 1.5 to 2.5 or something. Thoughts?
  8. Loved Love. Great show, very acrobatic.
  9. Sooooo..... Let me get this straight..... Now the MA'ers can have 12 accounts instead of 3? Well done.
  10. Learning the basics of poker: the odds, the hands, the basic strategy. I have never read a full book, but I need to recommend one to a friend who is just starting. Thanks, -Matt
  11. I fully approve of this award, it is an honor to have it named after me and for it to be given to BigEarn7. It's not easy being this helpless, thank you for your continued support OT! Oh while I have you- How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? -Plattsburgh
  12. The guy who called all in was pretty competent, he is up like 300k according to the poker db. Doubt it was a chip dump, and doubt it was a hero call, which leaves nothing left hence why I am so baffled. And ty, folding the Q7 is a move I have been working on for awhile.
  13. PokerStars Game #52773783972: Tournament #340011041, $150+$12 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXIII (5000/10000) - 2010/11/16 0:24:10 PT [2010/11/16 3:24:10 ET] Table '340011041 44' 9-max Seat #5 is the button Seat 1: KingKaizers (415491 in chips) Seat 2: plattsburgh (252480 in chips) Seat 3: ocrowe (955105 in chips) Seat 5: Shankar825 (186684 in chips) Seat 6: SpoonmaN2333 (198123 in chips) Seat 7: usm4rine (670968 in chips) Seat 8: powx4 (378487 in chips) Seat 9: Theknower (125662 in chips) KingKaizers: posts the ante 1000 plattsburgh: posts the ante 1000 ocrowe: posts the ante 1000 Shankar825: posts the ante 1000 SpoonmaN2333: posts the ante 1000 usm4rine: posts the ante 1000 powx4: posts the ante 1000 Theknower: posts the ante 1000 SpoonmaN2333: posts small blind 5000 usm4rine: posts big blind 10000 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to plattsburgh [7d Qs] powx4: folds Theknower: folds KingKaizers: raises 10000 to 20000 plattsburgh: folds ocrowe: folds Shankar825: folds SpoonmaN2333: folds usm4rine: calls 10000 *** FLOP *** [Ts Th 9s] usm4rine: checks KingKaizers: bets 25000 usm4rine: calls 25000 *** TURN *** [Ts Th 9s] [3c] usm4rine: checks KingKaizers: checks *** RIVER *** [Ts Th 9s 3c] [8d] usm4rine: checks KingKaizers: bets 150000 usm4rine: raises 474968 to 624968 and is all-in KingKaizers: calls 219491 and is all-in Uncalled bet (255477) returned to usm4rine *** SHOW DOWN *** usm4rine: shows [Tc Jd] (three of a kind, Tens) KingKaizers: shows [Kh Js] (a pair of Tens) usm4rine collected 841982 from pot KingKaizers finished the tournament in 8th place and received $3183.00. *** SUMMARY *** Total pot 841982 | Rake 0 Board [Ts Th 9s 3c 8d] Seat 1: KingKaizers showed [Kh Js] and lost with a pair of Tens Seat 2: plattsburgh folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 3: ocrowe folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 5: Shankar825 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 6: SpoonmaN2333 (small blind) folded before Flop Seat 7: usm4rine (big blind) showed [Tc Jd] and won (841982) with three of a kind, Tens Seat 8: powx4 folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 9: Theknower folded before Flop (didn't bet) It should be worth noting that he tanked for 60 seconds before he called, with 2 seconds remaining on his timebank.
  14. I am not disagreeing with you, it was not a great situation. I guess I trusted people too much a few years ago. Its taken a few bad business decisions to finally cement into my head not to trust people with money so freely. Its just like poker, you need to have bad experiences to learn how to become better at poker or life. I wanted to give him a second chance, obviously I did not think he would cash for 11k, but I believe everyone deserves a second chance. I agree with you though, it was not a smart decision.
  15. Nice score, I started out with those 3R's also, keep it up good luck!
  16. I met TheRealMT (Mark Tomasko) a few years back when I was grinding in Atlantic City. He seemed like a great dude, and he maybe is a great dude, who knows but this is my story: In 2007, I roomed with him at the Borgata for the 2007 Borgata Poker Open, he cashed for ~60k during that series. Shortly after, he asked me to transfer him 4k online and he would pay me 6k in cash at the WSOP. I decided this was a great deal, and knew he had the money and trusted him based on us hanging out a lot in Jersey. I also sent him some more money after this when he got low. He never made it to the WSOP, or at least he never met up with me. I waited a year before I started to get suspicious. I started pressing him for the money and eventually he told me that he was broke and he would get it to me when he could. I accepted this and waited. Flash forward to September 27th, 2009 I figured that id put him in the Sunday mil because he seems to do well in big fields and it would cost me 200 bucks and I could potentially win my money back and more, or lose 200 which I was fine with. I still considered him a friend who had fallen on hard times so I sent the money. 8 hours or so later, he was at the final table. He was very short and ended up going out 9th for $11,648. I was psyched, because I stipulated that for anything he cashed for he would pay me back first before taking any money. (I also had a 60/40 split since it was a 1 time deal) So I was slated to get a big chunk of that 11k, and be free of the debt. Shortly after he finished, he claimed to have sent me the money (not sure if he did or not) but stars put a halt on it, since it was such a large transfer. During the next few days he dodged my calls, lied to me about what was going on and lost the money. He then finally admitted to have played 1-200 LHE trying to win some money. Either way, I was sent nothing from this score, from the principle OR the staking deal. He then got involved with another backer, and he was up like 24k during the first mo. He did send me 2k from our number, which is now at 11k. I waited so long to make this post because I wanted to give him a chance to make this right. But I am not going to wait any longer, just wanted everyone to know not to stake this person as he has done this twice now that we know about. -Matt “Plattsburgh” Vengrin
  17. Full Tilt Poker Game #24564397987: $35,000 Guarantee (181558826), Table 19 - 200/400 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 16:27:22 ET - 2010/10/09 Seat 1: ryanbluf (17,320) Seat 2: mattyv (4,266) Seat 3: Botnuskahn (29,779) Seat 4: DrMcBoy (10,635) Seat 5: gl2um8 (30,423) Seat 6: BerkeleyBoss (22,423) gl2um8 posts the small blind of 200 BerkeleyBoss posts the big blind of 400 The button is in seat #4 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to mattyv [Ks As 6d 3d] ryanbluf folds mattyv: lool rb mattyv raises to 1,200 Botnuskahn folds DrMcBoy calls 1,200 gl2um8 folds BerkeleyBoss calls 800 *** FLOP *** [6h 2s 6c] BerkeleyBoss checks mattyv has 15 seconds left to act mattyv checks DrMcBoy checks *** TURN *** [6h 2s 6c] [3c] BerkeleyBoss checks mattyv bets 1,200 DrMcBoy raises to 7,400 BerkeleyBoss has 15 seconds left to act BerkeleyBoss folds mattyv: lol mattyv: can u beat two tens? mattyv has 15 seconds left to act mattyv has requested TIME mattyv: ?? DrMcBoy: 50/50 mattyv: u can talk me into a fold mattyv: if u say yes DrMcBoy: yes mattyv calls 1,866, and is all in DrMcBoy shows [7c 5d 8s Ac] mattyv shows [Ks As 6d 3d] Uncalled bet of 4,334 returned to DrMcBoy *** RIVER *** [6h 2s 6c 3c] [7s] DrMcBoy shows two pair, Sevens and Sixes mattyv shows a full house, Sixes full of Threes mattyv wins the pot (9,932) with a full house, Sixes full of Threes *** SUMMARY *** Total pot 9,932 | Rake 0 Board: [6h 2s 6c 3c 7s] Seat 1: ryanbluf didn't bet (folded) Seat 2: mattyv showed [Ks As 6d 3d] and won (9,932) with a full house, Sixes full of Threes Seat 3: Botnuskahn didn't bet (folded) Seat 4: DrMcBoy (button) showed [7c 5d 8s Ac] and lost with two pair, Sevens and Sixes Seat 5: gl2um8 (small blind) folded before the Flop Seat 6: BerkeleyBoss (big blind) folded on the Turn
  18. Sons of Anarchy (in its third season now)
  19. South Park has been verrrrry hit or miss lately. Trey and Matt- Please continue to smoke whatever you were smoking when you made season 10 (and the kanye episode from season 13)
  20. Great score man, wish you all the best.

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