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  1. Not really that hard to look like a genius vs zackattak oh and this call fucking sucks
  2. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORWKBI6eYfc
  3. As I said in my other post, I play to make the most money. Knowing how big the pay jumps are means knowing that a +cev spot may be a -$ev spot.
  4. /thread all this i play for the win stuff is ridiculous and shows that you don't have the correct approach to making the most money playing tournaments
  5. This is one of the worst posts I've ever read. How can you criticize somebody making $4500 a month playing midstakes when you've been playing high stakes tourneys for a while and are broke? As someone who was a busto backed tourney player for a long time I can honestly say it is a terrible existence and not one I would recommend for anyone. If you are in some sort of situation where you need to chase a huge score and it will not bother you to be in a shit ton of makeup and have no money to live then sure go for it.
  6. pretty sure i've done the same and i'd imagine quite a few others have as well. hell bigdog and dip have prob won most of those edit - sorry if that came out douchey, still a cool accomplishment, congrats
  7. By playing with ranked p5ers and by playing 2/4? We've had threads like this before discussing cash players vs mtters and the consensus is always that most good tourney players cannot beat midstakes cash.
  8. Sure there is different skill sets but I can't see how you could argue that cash game players aren't better overall poker players than tourney players. If you take any winning 2/4+ player and put them in tourneys they will either immediately be a winner or figure out how to pushbot in like 2 weeks and be a winner. Same can't be said about tourney players switching to cash as most ranked p5ers cannot beat 2/4
  9. if he is opening as wide as you say he is it's a super easy jam
  10. calling off 10% of your stack in the softest tourney ever created in a spot which is for sure -cev especially vs random sunday mil super nit stack off range is certainly not an irrelevant decision and one that is prob costing you a decent amount of $
  11. me, randallin, djk123, stealthmunk, psutennis, munson1049, aretheseutz, agame18, mr_bigqueso, 7delux7, kingdan23,
  12. Seems really close but I'd prob lean towards a call but wouldn't be surprised at all if that was the wrong play. I'm always amazed at people saying that they don't play by icm and they play for the win, only fold if you care about the pay jumps etc. I base my decisions on what will make me the most money. It's very likely that folding here makes more money than calling.
  13. Folding this river is ABSURD. This is way closer to a 3bet on the river than fold. You're getting like 3.5 to 1 and you're ahead of a ton of his value range
  14. Bet a lot more on the turn he's probably never folding the turn and betting the river is so far superior to check/raise because he's going to check back a ton.
  15. sent on ftp. willing to be a captain if more are needed

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