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  1. I go to school at St. John's in Jamaica. Though live outside of Jamaica (parts of it are kind of rough).
  2. Why not go back to school like I'm doing Believer?
  3. Oh, LVpokerdealer complimenting my gf. Makes getting 6th in this feel better.
  4. I was kidding, everyone gives them so much shit because their schedule is weaker but they're still real good.
  5. Bowling at gold coast or southpoint is fun (can drink and etc). There's two really awesome indoor go cart tracks, the fastest I've ever seen by far. You can shoot some guns at the gun store. Wander the strip at night even though it'll only be ~45 degrees out. There is a club for every kind of music you could want, and really sick house music DJ's every week. All sorts of really good restaurants that can have different experiences. (i.e. STK at cosmopolitan has a DJ and people sometimes actually dance around their dinner table). You didn't really mention when you are going but the big pools usually open up around march and those are fun during the day.
  6. Hoping baylor takes their first loss tonight while we remain the only true undefeated team (murray st is a joke and doesnt count obv)!
  7. Hey OP how fat are you? Drinking 15-20 beers a day must mean you're in the 300+ club? Don't tell me you work out a lot either and thus aren't that big because then you're just further increasing how full of shit you are in your exaggerations.
  8. Was just about to post that... Fat is lighter and helps them move faster. There's a good balance of fat and muscle (mostly muscle) but those linemen can move way faster than people seem to think. Most of the top ones are built pretty optimally for their positions. They wouldn't have much fat at all if that was best for them...
  9. Definitely get more RAM. 4 GB is like nothing these days.
  10. ATT is faster for now in mot areas until iphones become compatible with 4G LTE in which case Verizon will be faster. However there are definitely more dropped calls and bad service areas with ATT vs verizon. By faster I mean data speed of course. I can dl at up to 4 mbps with ATT, while having used data cards for verizon (which use same network) I only get up to 2 mbps.
  11. Was told its on ESPN2 at 1 AM eastern time.
  12. We restart at 6:25 PM vegas time. Not sure when the ESPN2 broadcast is.
  13. My table is feature now. Has benba, erick lindgren, jp kelly, byoon, bustable, fred berger and 2 randoms. I'm short though after losing TT to A3 aipf and AK to QQ aipf :( Whoever wants to keep hating on me from p5s have a field day. To my friends here thanks for the support! :)
  14. Hoping benba and I get secondary feature :)
  15. I always tell people that my name on FTP is frank the tank when asked. People usually know who I am from that.
  16. Most people around here take everything so seriously that it's too easy for me to be trying that hard.
  17. Just posting to clarify that I am only a douche in the non HSMTT sections of p5s. Not on 2p2 or any other forums. My last 1000+ posts on p5s have basically been a level. Thanks for the support here though!
  18. You could try reading the pokerstars and ftp tos. hint: it's not allowed. good luck though, i'll offer 10,000 to 1 u get caught if you try.
  19. If you noticed I said US and America 3 times. I'm aware other countries may let territories it owns govern itself but why would America let that happen specifically?
  20. A US territory means it is owned by the US. Why would America ever let a territory it owns govern itself?
  21. I never really understand threads where people ask about where to play 1/2. Pretty much any casino with a poker room has 1/2 no? Are there really such things as tough 1/2 games live? Just go to whichever casino is most convenient to where you're staying or whichever casino you'd like to spend some time in.
  22. Ive watched a few of Marcos interviews and many of them seem real good but think he was expecting to maybe learn something in this interview but obviously joe didn't know enough about anything to comment. unta, from watching the interview it seems joe genuinely doesn't know what's going on. As is the case for majority of red pros not sure why people expect them to have a bunch of information when only people with executive/equity positions in FTP will know what's going on.

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