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  1. you did not give any tournament information. Are we in the money, approaching the money? what position did you raise from?
  2. lulz. challenge failed, no Alienware for you OP :) happy NY
  3. i forget how many nba finals in a row Lebron has been to(6). Its getting to that point though. He has joined historic company in doing so, like Celtic shit from 50 years ago. He's lead every team to those finals. He is unarguably the best player in the league over the last few years, Russ outdoing him in every way though (rings, net worth, mvps, etc)
  4. whenever i think of basbeall cards i think back to that "trade night", my first one, I was maybe ten. I really liked Curtis Martin and the patriots so why not trade a Topps reggie jackson autograph for two Curtis Martin inserts?
  5. that's a lot of doe, I just watched him count for three minutes and he's still got a handful
  6. better time killer: [ ]playing snakes on a phone [x] rubbing my snake
  7. fuck u Ohio, i want a store
  8. I love weed so much I tried to marry Juana
  9. no answer, what makes u think a player is gonna play Kk through aa so passively pre and then just mash the flop OOP? I would have kind of thought the same with QQ but it is a bit more vulnerable so I can see villains doing this at a much higher rate with QQ opposed to kk and aa. if he's inducing pre with those hands he's going to do the same thing on the flop.
  10. Buchi F'ing Yayo, its been a long time
  11. it's good to be back my friend
  12. i agree with your overall view but i think ur assessed calling range is wider than it should be and your push range is tighter than it should be, but that last point is pretty minimal. i think the big stack is going to still be weary about getting involved with us, i dont think hes gonna mash the green light because other guy is disconnected and start spite calling. pushing is always better than calling (gap concept), so ya. look at the icmizer output though, vs the 70% push range we were calling 3.3%, this is not taking the disconnection into play, so im even tighter
  13. the reality is that the game of poker, at it's core, is a game of math. u guys want to have a pissing contest to show the CL who's boss go right ahead.
  14. no, i just told you guys, we dont play to win the game, we play to maximize expectation. if payouts one through three are as follows: $1 million to first, $800,000 to second, and $1000 to third and we are down to 3 players. our stack is 1,000 chips, chip leader has 1,500 chips, and third place has 65 chips. CL shoves on us after third place folds his button, we look at KK, do you call??? lol. yes, this is an extreme example but it is to illustrate a point. u playing to win the game still? the above situation is no different, just obv way less extreme. i showed the examples, that is the proof, we play to maximize expectation, always.
  15. never fold the flop LOL, the flatter could have j 10 xx, 9 10xx, k 10xx, and q 10xx, in his range easily, especially if he is fairly loose, he could have 99 and 88 as well EASILY
  16. other peoples stacks on the other tables are equally important. Status of the tournament is super important as well. Are we near the bubble, are we ITM, is it the 3rd level? all three of these scenarios are going to skew ranges in different ways, as is the first thing i mentioned about stacks on other tables.
  17. calling the big stacks AI is going to be an ICM nightmare, we are paying a pretty heavy ICM tax to the big stack, we have third place tripled and this is not even counting for the fact he is disconnected. lets go look at one quick example in ICMizer: because i can not make blinds .5/1, i multiplied stacks by 10 and set the blinds at 5/10. So we have stacks as follows: 650, 150, and 55. for payouts i added the remaining prizepool to get $1610 and divided it up properly. 1st gets 46.58%, 2nd 30.12%, and 3rd 23.29% Let's look at one simple shove from the big stack on us in the BB, i had him shoving 70% range, not an any two but a very liberal range. U said he is a nit, so i ranged him accordingly. Vs a 70% shoving range we can only call in the BB with top 3.3% of hands, this is not accounting for the fact our third place opponent is not even present, tightening us vastly more: this screenshot shows details of a call money($) wise, with $1610 in the prizepool, a call with AK offsuit vs a 70% range is losing 15 cents, and again, this is not counting for our 3rd place opponent not being present: Lastly, let's look at a push from the button. So, Sb is not present so he has a calling range of zero, but in ICMizer i could not label zero, so i only had him call with one hand 32 offsuit. Also, in case we fold on button, i could not label the sb push range into the BB at 0, so again i made him push one hand 32 offsuit. You said BB is nitty and him knowing the SB is gone, i do not think he would want to double you up without a premium hand. In this case, i labeled him calling your button shove in the BB with the following hands: 66+, A8ss+, A10o+, JKss+, KQo(11%). lets look at results: In the shove example we can still only shove 24% of hands profitably and again, that is not accounting for the fact one of our opponents is not even present. . Bias against confrontation is natural in tournaments, we dont really want to be splashing around because that improves our chances of busting. Bias against confrontation is extremely high with us vs the big stack when we have third place tripled and even moreso when third place is not present, and its an extreme moreso. We don't play for the win, we play to maximize our expectation always, period. these results should conclude that we better second guess getting involved.

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