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  1. Jacob is coming into the final table 4/8 with 1.9mil at 20/40k. First is 725k, and looks like a really interesting table with some big names so should be a fun sweat. Best of luck Jake you truly are the sickest. TID!!!!
  2. just sent $ to gettin daize for moneyinbag, so count him as paid for team comp
  3. in for team, agree that 10ks should count
  4. most mentally exhausting tourney i have ever played. thx for the support and congrats to everyone else at that FT, was the most aggro FT ive ever been at. and i dont know how many hours i played with gboro in this, but he played incredibly well the entire way and truly deserves all the credit he gets.
  5. one of the toughest players i've ever played against live, has very good feel and understands how to play tournies very well. sct and amak probably arent good at evaluating talent tho...
  6. glad to see that hard work is paying off...keep it up my man :)
  7. ready to donate, sent on ftp, gl all.
  8. snap call and expect to see a smaller pair a lot
  9. sent on ftp. an fyi tho, i'm playing wpt biloxi main which is the 24-27. so if i bust day 1 i'll be able to play the full week online however if i go deep in the main i may only play half the week online. just figured captains would like to know this stuff before they draft. gl everyone
  10. fantastic player, well deserved, congrats.
  11. cosign on the been drinking, but... if this isnt a call villain sucks lol. Call!
  12. oh ya, plz ftp, im rly lazy and like to start late
  13. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz haha, thx guys, had a lot of fun during this one.
  14. congrats man, all these results have earned.
  15. the amount that a given horse has made or lost for you does not change their current EV. If the player in 30k makeup is determined by his backer to be a longterm losing player then dropping the player is almost certainly the most rational option. However the player may be a winner in 75fos and under for example, so forcing the player to lower their ABI could certainly increase the profitability. Additionally, the backer's current bankroll and volume put in by himself/his other horses will help determine if the variance is too high. I'm going to assume based on the way the OP is written and the questions being asked that the backer is in over his head and probably is spreading his resources too thin. Before getting into backing it's tough to see how big the variance is and how quickly the buyins add up. My best advice is drop horse #3 as no one is going to buy his makeup and then reevaluate with current bankroll whether you can continue backing at all without risking going broke. However there are a few other variables to consider so this is the advice i can give with this limited knowledge of the situation.
  16. Thanks again for the support guys, it's really nice to see all the comments and people that respect my play. I feel like i played very solid at the final table and that the cards were such that i was never getting better than 3rd. I was told the final table will air on Spike Tv in january or feb so it will be cool to watch. i had a lot of fun and look forward to more opportunities like this. eric

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