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  1. dude. it is fucking weird. you have to have been on my Twitch stream to totally get it.
  2. Can you share the tweets where you said you are transitioning to be a women. But you can’t make the WSOP because you can’t get a babysitter? Lol.
  3. lol. nevermind, he deleted all his anti-vax tweets about how he was a "data scientist".
  4. here. ill show you. not that it will help.
  5. its not private at all. you fucked up tooth clown.
  6. they should be fired for spelling it "heros"
  7. October and November are going to be fun over on my Twitch stream. I'm running a leaderboard competition for my home games on Americas Card Room. It's easy...compete in all of my home games for the months of Oct/Nov. Score points. Win! We'll crown the winner on my annual charity stream on November 30th and the winner will receive a free entry in to every one of my home games for all off 2022! The charity stream is always a good time. Over the past years we have raised nearly $20,000 for animal rescue. Looking forward to making this years stream the biggest one yet. Hope to see you there. In the meantime, stay safe out there and good luck at the tables!
  8. No idea how you guys do it during football season. you have to take Thursday off to prep for TNF. Friday off to recover. Saturday is college. Sunday is NFL. Monday is MNF. Tuesday you recover from MNF. So basically you can work one day a week. Props.
  9. This! I have not been break even in like a year or two.
  10. It sure what you mean about being afraid. I was referring more how you keep bringing up fucking me and blowing me. Lol.
  11. That is a very weird thing to say. Lol. Regarding Twitter, if someone changes their Twitter handle, they still have the same Twitter account. Anyone who was following you before is still following you now. It’s just a different display name. Anyone can still view old and new tweets. Well, not yours because you deleted them all the other night. But in general.
  12. Lol. The whole making fun of his black teeth thing was in response to Trues posting a bunch of photos of me in OT. I googled him after he posted and I was like “wait, this fat Jack toothed dude is making fun of MY looks?”
  13. i think these might be better than the Bradys in the long run. I'll be in line for all of them for sure. None of them will sell for less than you paid for them.
  14. $12 Currently selling for about $150. HODLing tho.

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