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  1. The following is from today's official PocketFives Newsletter released by P5s Management (contact Lance Bradley for more info). It relates to the real threat U.S. online poker currently faces on a federal level. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to read through it, reach out to the USDOJ through its Comment Line, and follow the PPA link to email Attorney General Jeff Sessions' office. --- PocketFiver, Online poker needs your help. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is currently considering reversing the 2011 opinion that opened the door for state-by-state legalization of online poker. This would make it impossible for other states to follow the lead of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware in legalizing and regulating the game. The most effective way you can help is to call the Department of Justice comment line at 202-353-1555 and them know you oppose this and believe states should have the right to regulate and legalize online poker. Once you've done that, the next step is to email Jeff Sessions' office. The Poker Players Alliance has made that as easy as two clicks right here. Don't think this couldn't happen. Any hope of having more states legalize online poker depends on you taking five minutes today to be heard. Forward this email to your friends, family, and anybody else you know that can help. Thank you, PocketFives.com Management --- Furthermore, if you would like to discuss this issue on Twitter, industry expert Chris Grove wrote a great piece for the Huffington Post today that outlines the reasons why a Federal online gambling ban is job-killing, tax-raising cronyism - and a waste of everyone’s time. Chris has been active in the Twitter conversation which can be accessed at the following link. Thank you for taking the time to engage in a matter that affects all online poker players. If you have any questions or would like to show your support by sharing our Newsletter, please feel free to post in this thread. -David
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    GG Youtube

    This would seem like an effective grassroots counter on the surface, but the videos for the most part aren't being removed or censored, just demonetized.
  3. dhubermex

    GG Youtube

    Steven Williams (boogie2988 -- 3.5m subs) put this response up yesterday morning which also addresses the issue. He gives a very well-rounded summary and looks at both sides of the issue. The more you watch these shoots, the more similarities you can draw between what's happening between content creators and YouTube to what's going on here in the online poker industry. Finally, here is Philip DeFranco (4.5m subs) on how the implementation of these guidelines affects his channel.
  4. dhubermex

    GG Youtube

    Here are a couple of articles on the topic that have been published today. http://www.pcinvasion.com/youtube-sparks-confusion-not-advertiser-friendly-flags http://gizmodo.com/youtube-stars-are-blowing-up-over-not-getting-paid-1786041218 MrRepzion (Daniel Sulzbach -- half a million subs) uploaded this clip on the topic earlier this week. He's with the FullScreenMedia network and shoots on not receiving the service from his network that he originally anticipated, even going so far as to ask his viewers if they have any contacts with YouTube to re-monetize his clips on mental health, etc. Ironically the way Daniel anchors YouTube to his "full-time job" is similar to how many poker pros view their relationship with third-party platforms such as PokerStars. It's another interesting debate/showdown between content creators and business people versus large third-party platforms.
  5. Update: Parker just mentioned on-stream that the cast is currently at #7 of all channels. 3-handed atm. Edit: 5:00pm ET -- 16,000 Viewers (3-handed) Edit: 5:05pm ET -- Up to #6 Twitch Top Channels ranking -- Talbot mentions he has approximately 67% of himself in the event, with 13.5% going to stakers and another 20% in swaps. Edit: 5:10pm ET -- "tonkaaaa" is heads up versus "GripDsNutz" (aka 'grip') for $156,463. Deal being discussed on-stream. Talbot verifies this is guaranteed to be his largest career online poker tournament cash. Edit: 5:15pm ET -- deal struck. Talbot guaranteed $119k with additional $12k on the line for winner. 16,843 Viewers Edit: 5:25pm ET 1st Place: 'grip' --- $146,436 2nd Place: 'tonkaaaa' --- $119,042 Edit: 5:32pm ET -- Parker takes time to call his mother on-stream who gives her son a well-deserved congratulations.
  6. 13,700 viewers currently watching Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot compete for $156,000 in the PokerStars SCOOP Sunday Warm-Up. (click "Live Streams" tab to access Twitch stream) http://www.pocketfives.com/pocketfivestv/
  7. Just finished the latest episode... definitely one of my favorites to date.
  8. Congrats on the win, Jeremy! Likewise to all NJ PocketFivers who cashed in major tournaments over the weekend!
  9. Hello PocketFivers: PocketFives Co-founder Adam Small joined Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram this past Monday for a 106-minute conversation that revolved around current events in the online poker industry. Following are my notes from Monday's program if you would like a rough outline before watching the video. Poker Life Podcast, March 28, 2016 (with Adam "Mr. Minivan" Small) *** INTRO *** * Started P5s when Adam was 23 years old with Cal Spears and Riley Bryant. P5s is online poker tournament rankings website that caters to the entire community with an emphasis on Internet poker events. Adam lives in Atlanta. * Adam missed out on DFS... Cal Spears & Co. are doing very well with RotoGrinders. * Sold to Poker Source Online in 2007 and went back to original owners following Black Friday. * Stars altered affiliate deal with websites in mid-2015. Affiliates can relate to high volume players b/c of this. The plight of "sole trading" high volume players is not something that those not affected by the Stars changes can relate to... the same goes for what happened to affiliates. * Adam made reference that P5s was not hit hard by the Stars affiliate changes, but that one company he knows lost 80% of its revenue when the changes went into effect. * Adam does not agree with the way SNE rakeback equivalent legacy benefits were removed after being promised to players. Otherwise acknowledges that Stars has the right to change its fees as it chooses. * Adam would like to know whether high volume players sympathize with similar treatment affiliates received in 2015. *** 15 MINUTES *** * Small watched Kristin Wilson PLP episode. Remarked about the wide variety of guests Papi has had on the PLP in the last 12 months. * Small: "PokerStars is in control." - "The operators hold all the cards." PokerStars is the one that owns the platform. * Adam referred to frequent past meetings between Full Tilt Poker & PocketFives in which the site would normally reduce commissions or bear other bad news (pre-Black Friday) * One affiliate Adam knows grew to make $500,000 per month during the online poker boom (and this person could barely tell you what Aces look like on playing cards). * Small says the online poker affiliate industry is a "tough business." Sites have to invest heavily in content, SEO, etc. * Adam referred to how naive we all were in the early days of online poker. Talks about pit games and its allure to poker players... (also referred to alleged lap dances & Palms Fantasy Suite provided to an unnamed former poker high roller). * Small talked about live streaming and believes Jason Somerville is being "smart" with it. Also is positive about what Jaime Staples has achieved on Twitch. * Adult websites.... Small & Ingram want to get a Kickstarter going. Joey: "You can't use your own money. You've gotta find other people that use the money." Adam: "Yes. That's the key. I've never actually done that but I hear it's great to spend other people's money and have upside." Ingram linked that to what Amaya did.... Adam calls it a "brilliant piece of financial engineering." *** 36 MINUTES *** * Baazov criminal insider trading charges. * Discussion about UB scandal. (40 minutes) * Dutch Boyd & Poker Spot scandal. Payment processors disappeared during the early days and there was no financial backing, says Small. Add that Boyd's biography is interesting as far as online poker history goes. * Small called Bovada's actions (operating in US market) "illegal" and "breaking the law." PocketFives does not work with Bovada or other unregulated US-facing sites. Says people who are keeping a significant amount of money on these sites are taking a "steep risk." (Joey plays on US-facing sites). Small claims to not speak on a moral standing but rather a rational one considering the long-term negative expectation of unregulated sites. *** 49 MINUTES *** * White House & Costa Rica stories. Adam hung out with dealers at a local casino when he lived in Costa Rica. "Ticos" used to teach Adam all the bad words in Spanish and then laugh along when he blurted them out. * Costa Rica Stories: White House. Poker games were in dollars. RUSSIAN MIKE. Both live & online poker games were "gems" in 2007. Russian Mike bilked the White House Casino in Costa Rica for north of $1 million. The Costa Rica live & online gaming scene is not nearly as active today as it was during that period. More stories. *** 75 MINUTES *** * Adam may be in the memorabilia market if the Tennessee Titans ever get back to winning again. "The Titans are like owned and run by shit," says Small. (Papi suggests that perhaps Baazov could do the NFL franchise a solid and enter a bid). * Joey wants to know if Adam masturbates while playing online poker (or working on PocketFives). Adam gives a "non-denial denial." * More AP/UB from 81-90 minutes. Discussion about Scott Tom. POTRIPPER tournament is referenced as well as how Scott Tom was found out through online poker forum sleuths on TwoPlusTwo and AMNET ISP info. *** 90 MINUTES *** Adam & Joey discuss online poker forum culture. Good-to-Bad post ratio. * Adam asks Joey what he thinks PokerStars' endgame is. Joey responds that the final goal of PokerStars is to generate as much profit as possible in the future, which in turn would mean that others making money off the platform will face an uphill struggle. Adam also refers to how PokerStars has pissed away the massive amount of goodwill it had built up pre-Amaya. * Small believes that the online poker market could gain traction via some new operator. He thinks that scenario is more likely than a current competitor such as 888 Poker overtaking PokerStars. Similar to GPL chief Alex Dreyfus, Adam mentioned how the Scheinberg's truly treated the world's largest online poker brand with special care and attention. *** 102-106 MINUTES *** * Parting thoughts * Ingram mentions upcoming Wednesday Poker Life Podcast with Ryan Fee of Upswing Poker. 5:30pm Eastern Time. * Finish with story about old-school Bodog party that involved Reggie Jackson. Poker Life Podcast Industry Shout-Outs (Adam Small Episode -- March 28, 2016) @PocketFives PocketFives -- Online Poker Rankings & News Website @AdamLoebSmall Adam Small -- Co-founder, PocketFives.com @CalSpears Cal Spears -- Co-founder, PocketFives.com & RotoGrinders.com @RileyBryant Riley Bryant -- Co-founder, PocketFives.com & RotoGrinders.com @Lance_Bradley Lance Bradley -- President & Editor in Chief, PocketFives.com @cypradn Dan Cypra -- Content Manager, PocketFives.com @Kevmath Kevin Mathers -- Community Manager, PocketFives.com @twoplustwoforum TwoPlusTwo Forum -- Poker & Gaming Strategy @OPReport Chris Grove -- Co-founder, OnlinePokerReport.com @SteveRuddock Steve Ruddock -- Poker Writer, OnlinePokerReport & PartTimePoker @natarem Nat Arem -- Blogger/Entrepreneur/Programmer (independent) @PokerRefugees Kristin Wilson -- Director, PokerRefugees.com @Joeingram1 Joey Ingram -- Host, Poker Life Podcast _____
  10. So earlier tonight I'm flipping through YouTube vids and come across this gem from Dateline. For those who watch these types of shows like I do, you know that the vast majority of them are clear cut. TV series like this have a way of swaying viewers to have a certain opinion, which is why this is the FIRST one that makes me think the wrong person took the rap. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buqrQ0fpbOE There is an update in this case: Russ Faria will get a retrial in November. It's funny and sad at the same time that the murder victim's kids are now taking civil action against the prosecution's star witness in the original 2013 trial. http://fox2now.com/2015/06/05/retrial-ordered-for-lincoln-county-man-convicted-of-killing-wife/
  11. Great addition! Congratulations Kevmath & PocketFives!
  12. This is an observation I agree with. Although there are a few popular streamers (bigdogpckt5s & PokerStaples, etc) who have earned large audiences, Jason Somerville's 1-tabling show allows him to be much more interactive as you said. Casey and Jaime, along with a few others, are exceptions because they're such great personalities who are entertaining to watch even when they have a bunch of tables going.
  13. Fantasy Sports as an Off Topic broadcast is a concept we've given some thought to. Personally I wouldn't be against it but it may need to be cast on a platform other than Twitch, since Twitch only has the "Poker" category up in the Game Directory at this time. There's a carve-out in the U.S. for Fantasy Sports, so an exclusive FS show could work from anywhere.
  14. How many Gigs of RAM are you currently working with? Like Glo4m suggested, that could be the issue that's bogging-down your PC's performance when you have a lot of programs running.
  15. I have the exact same situation here in Mexico with Upload speeds. Each ISP I've contacted offers a 2MB Upload Max unless you have a corporation (S.A. de C.V.) registered in the country. It's good as always to see you posting trues... hope all is well. :)
  16. Hello everyone. We've recently reached 1,000 followers on our PocketFives TV Twitch Channel, and are looking to move forward with various ideas we have for P5s TV. We are currently seeking one or two Twitch live streamers to cast exclusively on the PocketFives TV channel. The person or people we're looking for will need to be set-up and available to conduct one or two "audition" streams on our Twitch channel, with the possibility of the position becoming a paid part-time (roughly 10-20 streaming hours per week) show depending on viewership. If you have experience streaming live or think you would be a good fit to cast on PocketFives TV, please send an email to david@pocketfives.com. Required Hardware: Relatively new PC or MAC, a webcam, and mic/headset Software: OBS Streaming Software (free) installed Internet: Reliable, hard-wired connection with a MINIMUM of 4MB Upload Speed for live streaming Schedule: Consistent availability during a specific weekly or daily time slot of at least 2 hours Poker: Some experience playing live/online poker along with a basic understanding of the game Casting: Comfortable using face-cam + mic for live streaming audio/video while responding to viewers Location: Must reside in a U.S. state in which online poker is currently regulated (New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware) or outside of the U.S. Preferred Community: Active contributor in one or more of the PocketFives forums and/or Communities Not Allowed Unlicensed (U.S. market) Online Poker Play: Any play or promotion of online poker sites that currently operate without a license in the United States Salary for Paid Position For the one or two streamers who become exclusive casters on PocketFives TV, there will be a basic per-show rate with increases possible depending on viewership --- If you or someone you know would like to live stream on PocketFives TV, please send me an email: david@pocketfives.com _____
  17. I've notified PocketFivers "OCG" (Chris Keistler) and "PrincessGlo" (Gloria Fontana) of this thread to see if they would like to add something to it or have heard from Sumeet in recent years. Both of them helped Sumeet a lot years ago, but I do not know if they are still owed funds from him. It's ironic that Sumeet was the person who first made me aware of PocketFives way back in 2005 (see my first post on P5s) Sumeet, along with Chris and Gloria were the first three friends I made in online poker while playing on PartyPoker in 2004. All three were EXTREMELY helpful and generous to me when I first started out. It was difficult to impossible to get money on/off poker sites back then for int'l players (remember those phone cards you had to buy for Party deposits?). These three went out of their way to send funds that I had won directly to me via WU after transferring it to them... which to this day I am grateful for, as I didn't have any other way to collect in 2004/2005. As far as Sumeet goes, I figure we're even. I stopped talking to him when the events in Post #4 of this thread happened, but ran into him a few months afterwards at a live tourney, in which he was pleasant. I agree with Adam that Sumeet wasn't someone who initiated deals/loans with the intention of scamming. However, I am hopeful he will make an effort to settle his outstanding debts in a fair and equitable manner for all parties involved.
  18. I remember him. I was in the same boat as Adam about being naive back then, Sumeet coming off as a very nice guy, etc. Sumeet borrowed $3,200 from me back when I was playing full-time. I was a 12-hour per day grinder on my own dime and wasn't really familiar with movements in the staking community, didn't know he owed several P5ers money, etc. Sumeet promised to return the $3,200 that same night, but it took 3 weeks for him to pay it back... and that was only after I threatened to out him publicly. When he did ship-back, he actually sent $300 MORE (without being asked to) than what he owed, saying that it was a "cherry on top" for the trouble. I've heard plenty of stories about the "really stupid, irresponsible" things he did, but it's not my place to share those because they didn't involve me and I can't verify them first-hand. The gig for the Federal Reserve is surprising... the last I heard from him (2006 or 2007), he was in Med School. Anyway, I also hope he's made good on at least some of his debts.
  19. Just a little more than 30 minutes left until HoC Season 3!
  20. Won't be long now... I've been a fan of Kevin Spacey since his role in Seven. I'm SO glad they're releasing all the episodes to this one for binge-viewers rather than the "Every Tuesday" format of Better Call Saul.
  21. Mark dipthrong Herm's "Bird Game Crazy" live talk show debuts tonight at 7:00pm EST (in less than 30 minutes). View the show live and interact in real time on PocketFives TV or on our PocketFives TV Twitch Channel!
  22. Hi everyone, We're extremely excited about the recent launch of PocketFives TV and are looking to book shows in upcoming days to add to our programming. If live streaming about poker on P5s TV is something you or someone you know would be interested in, please contact me at david@pocketfives.com. Live Streaming Hardware/Software Requirements Hardware: PC (Windows 7/8) or Mac --- Webcam --- Mic/Headset Software: OBS, X-Split, or WireCast Internet: Hard-wired --- Upload speed of 2MB+ for live streaming Those interested should enjoy the game of poker and have a desire to live stream/field viewer feedback in one of the following formats: (a) real-time poker play, (b) poker talk show, © final table rail show. You can check out our new service by visiting the PocketFives TV page or following us on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/pocketfivestv Best of luck at the tables! We look forward to hearing from you! david@pocketfives.com Note: PocketFives works exclusively with licensed US-facing poker sites (WSOP, Borgata/partypoker, and 888 Poker). Play or promotion on unlicensed US-facing poker sites is not a possibility at this time.
  23. Hi PocketFives OT'ers: http://www.pocketfives.com/pocketfivestv/ http://www.twitch.tv/pocketfivestv We recently launched the all-new PocketFives TV live streaming service on Twitch, and would like to know if there is interest from the community for an Off Topic live stream once per week. If so, we could broadcast the shows under a separate category other than "Poker" and feature them in real time on P5s TV. I can assist with any software setup (OBS) and answer any questios for interested streamers. If streaming a live Off Topic show on PocketFives TV is something you'd like to do, please send an email to david@pocketfives.com. -David

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