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  1. Harrrrv! long time no see bud, good to see you are still playn cards. Did u ever resolve this issue? I am experiencing it also... GL bud and lets get together sometime...be easy
  2. Forms need to be mailed to me, not scanned/emailed because email is not secure and there are social security numbers on these forms. I will PM my address to all investors, as soon as I receive your form I will send your $$$. Thanks again guys.
  3. Ok investors if you are a US citizen I need you to submit a W-9 to me including your signature. If you are a UK investor I need you to submit a form W-8BEN to me so that you do not pay any tax. I will send forms 1099-MISC at year end to US investors and form 1042-S to UK investors. Once I have forms I will send you your money promptly. Again thanks for investing and I'm glad I was able to make everyone some money :)
  4. Thanks for buying my package guys, was a sick run. I am flying home Wednesday and will complete accounting and pay everyone. Also I'm going to play barca EPT main, lmk if anyone wants me to reserve a piece.
  5. Bagged 83k resuming day 2 now... Letsssgoooo
  6. Just registered and posted my buyin receipt to Twitter, I can try to post it here later but I can't get it done on my phone right now. You can view it on my Twitter @claytonhamm for the time being. Thanks to all investors, time to make us some money!
  7. Purleydom changed his share to 2% but paid for his friend Paul also. Received payment from: Alex Hoff - $260 OhScissorMe - $390 Paul - $130 Purleydom - $260 MasTheLegend - $260 Sold out. Planning on playing Monday, will post once I receive Mizzi's stake and post buyin receipt.
  8. MasTheLegend bought another 1% and sent me $260. Sold out. Will post buyin receipt once I receive Sorel's stake and register. Thanks for buying everyone, let us run pure.
  9. Guys, Sorel Mizzi just PMd me on twitter and has agreed to take the remainder of the action. I will leave this thread open for another 24 hours with 10% left for sale, then I'm going to close it and he will purchase what remains. Lets gooooooo 10% left
  10. MasTheLegend PMd me asking for 1% Received payment from: Alex Hoff - $260 OhScissorMe - $390 Reserved awaiting payment: Purleydom - 3% Paul - 1% MasTheLegend - 1% I have 3% booked for swaps with Phyzer23 and another private investor, which leaves 56% left
  11. I confused the name of Purleydom's (dreamfinder) friend who is the private investor. His name is actually Paul. Updated investor list: Received payment from: Alex Hoff - $260 OhScissorMe - $390 Reserved awaiting payment: Purleydom - 3% Paul - 1% 57% left
  12. Hi guys, I am selling shares to the 2014 WSOP Main Event. I currently have 57% left to sell at 1.3. Will consider offers for lower markup for pieces over 5%. Here's the link to my thread: http://www.pocketfives.com/f20013/ninemil-2014-wsop-main-event-693684/#post7827542 GL all, let us run pure.
  13. Booked: OhScissorMe - 3% Dreamfinder - 2% Alex Hoff - 2% Kieran (private investor) - 1% 58% available now
  14. Hi guys, I am selling pieces to the 2014 WSOP Main Event. I put all relevant info/stats/prior packages sold in a google docs document. Please view it here: Terms of Stake: Selling 70% at 1.3. Accepting BOA/WF/Chase or cash in Vegas. Skrill/Neteller/stars/FTP is possible but you will have to cover fees. All bonuses, etc are mine. Communicate with me on PM here or @claytonhamm on twitter. I will also PM my email address to all investors. 1% - $130 5% - $650 10% - $1300 Thanks! - Clayton
  15. agree with everything Gags said, folding. If its his btn I defo rip it tho
  16. So a guy with tons of chips gets moved to your table, its his btn, hes played 4/6 hands so far and is now 3bing his btn. You have a perfect stack to 4b shove and you have FE with a bunch of money in the pot vs a player who is likely3b/fing a good % of the time, plus KQo will have good equity vs. his calling range. EZ jam pre
  17. Just froze in middle of husng...can't login now...anyone else having issues?
  18. Ninemil

    Finally Abroad

    yea man dey be cray, and hilarious
  19. Ninemil

    Finally Abroad

    It's finally happened. The day I've been waiting for nearly two years has come. I just got off the phone with Stars and my account is reactivated. FTP was a bit quicker and required less verification to reactivate. I had 200k FTP points so I converted them to SNG tickets, played 6max turbos and HUsngs and ended up with $1100 after playing them all. Just shipped $850 of it to stars, approved in 15 minutes. Pokerstars, you are grand. A little background info on this move: My girlfriend of four years has always wanted to get her Masters, naturally I encouraged her when she brought up the idea of going overseas. Then everything just fell into place from there. She found a school in Bournemouth, UK and got accepted. Her loan got approved, and here we are. I flew in on Jan 25, we lived in a sub-par hotel for a week (don't stay at Trouville Hotel if your're in Bournemouth!) until we got an apartment situated. At first everything was slow going, the landlord removed our fridge and washing machine right before we moved in (this one really sucked), the broadband company couldn't get my wifi setup for almost two weeks, we didn't have a bed to sleep on (rigged a floor bed with 4 thick blankets, I know this sounds so ghetto), but after two weeks things are finally getting good. All those problems have been solved, we just need a little more furniture around the place and it'll be nice. We flew our 18 month old female Weimaraner named Luna over with us also, which is crazy. That was the most expensive part of the trip with a price tag of $3k. But without her, it was a deal breaker for Whitney (my gf obv). Gotta do what you gotta do. Plus its nice having her here and she likes it, there's a big park nearby that's perfect for her. Things are so different here than in the States. It's rare to see a dog on a leash, except in very highly populated public places. At the park, basically no dogs are on leashes except ours since she's insane. But that's cool, dogs roam free and its Canine Country there. You would never see that in the States, someone would call the cops because "there's a dog off of its leash! OMG!" The only place it would be accepted is at a fenced off dog park. It was weird getting used to people driving on the wrong side of the road. The other day I saw a five year old in the left front seat of a car as I walked by and for a minute i was like "WTF!" then I realized...he was the passenger. Hotel service is just not the same, at least at the Trouville , or as we began to call it "Troll-ville" Hotel. Our first room was a hallway with a closet at the end it seemed like. There was a big leak in the ceiling and it smelled horrendous. The shower head spewed water everywhere and the wifi basically didn't work at all. We complained and got a better room. It was better, but we found a used handkerchief under the pillow, a long black hair in the shower (we're both blond), and breakfast was only available for a 1.5 hour window each morning. We showed up a minute late and were turned away. I had the "Do Not Disturb" sign on my window and Housekeeping still felt the need to knock on my door around 10 am. This was fun because I was in a deep sleep and they woke both Luna and I up, she is very protective and proceeded to bark, and let me tell you her bark is very loud. Thank god we got out of that place. Our apartment is in a decent spot, half a mile from a lot of restaurants, many of which are open late which is great. Whitney has made a few friends at school so far and we all went out on the town a couple times the first two weekends. We ended up at a club called "LoLaLo" which is pretty tight. Her Turkish friend Ali apparently has gotten in good with the management there so we were able to skip the line and get access to VIP tables for free which was really sick. Later that night we saw Ali scoping out this girl in the crowd...sure enough he made his move and of course it worked, hes Turkish! The funniest part was that this chic was...as Whitney's friend so eloquently put it- "girthy!" Lets just say she was thick. But these hilarious skinny Asian guys who were in our group were watching them dancing and as Ali went in for the kill one of the was like "Ali! Nooooo!!" as Ali successfully made his move with this chic I saw them making out, Asian dude was so hilarious I couldn't stop laughing...best part of the night for sure. Bournemouth is right on the Southern Coast of the UK, so the beach is about 1.5 miles from our apartment, which is dope. I love being close to the ocean, I've taken Luna there a few times and ran down the beach with her, doesn't get much better than that. The Ocean air is invigorating, an almost spiritual experience. Maybe this is because I am from land locked Illinois. I'm sure it'll be even better in the summer, as right now is the coldest part of the year here. So good times so far here in Bournemouth, UK. Really excited to play a Sunday schedule today on PS and FTP. So stoked to be back in action. I'll post some pics too so that I don't have to gtfo. If anyone is around here and wants to grab a pint, holla at me. And if I know you IRL, you better come visit you scrubs. At LoLaLo...view from VIP tables: Luna had one too many Stellas... Laxxin... Whitney and Luna... Until next time, good luck at the tables, I'll see you at the online felts my friends. - Ninemil
  20. 20bb is the sweet spot for 3b/shoving resteals. If he's competent he knows this, or at least intuitively realizes his shove is very profitable at this stack size. Around 20bb fold equity is maximized and you aren't risking too much either, this is why it's the sweet spot to be restealing. Just unlucky that he had the top of his range and you didn't get there. NH
  21. Snap fist pump insta call. You are inducing him to jam with your open, you want him to shove. You are def ahead of his 3bshoving range here.
  22. either 0, or 12,000 Any 4b other than AI in this situation is bad. Min raise pre, then flat the 3b or 4b AIPF. Unless you have a dynamic where you can induce your opponent to shove worse than KQs, you should just be shoving over his 3b or flatting. And if you are putting him on a lof of low pp's and Ax, flatting is probably slightly better, as you can take it away post if you don't hit the flop as that range is going to play sh*tty oop and he's going to hate his life (which is why his play is horrendous). Why, o why, are you 3xing the button? That's the real question

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