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  1. Spearmintrhinoaments

  2. Nice score in the WU bro, looks like moving to Mexico was the right move after all! Keep crushing, gl

  3. thanks for the congrats sir, and congrats to you on that 500 ship! keep bossin
  4. Congrats on Sunday Milly sir, was a pleasure playing with you - keep bossin
  5. bink something and come to atlantic city with me when your finals are over please
  6. Food in Barcelona is best, bro.
  7. uhhh bruhhh? lets go back to college days, with "getcha twisted man" and herbal remedy research between classes......chea!
  8. Dude you're a boss I wanna see you crush someone
  9. yo lets go play cash at the venetian and get 5 course meals delivered to the table and massages and drinks all nite
  10. this guy is terrible
  11. harv you need to play the daily $10 cubed its at 1030 am every day player pool is garb

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