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  1. Jaybone grew up playing soccer folks
  2. Fort the record blonde i deleted that post because our wedding song vid wouldnt embed. It wasnt deleted because I felt bad about saying I mouth "bawitaba" when im flippin ur wifes bean with my tongue.
  3. http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp122/kidrock1n/Boot_lake_38.jpg"][/img] Hard like a muthafucka
  4. Pretty ridiculous term i know. Thanks for pointing that out guys.
  5. Sorry man been too busy shovin Stanley Cups in my ass as of late....Not. Did you and Jaybone let everyone know whats goin on with u two? Fuckin homos. You know I gots love.
  6. You fucksticks amuse me. Really you do. Kid Rock still makes a ton of cheddar. But nobody likes him so he plays superbowl halftime shows and pregame shows etc. You fuckin sheep children are fuckin idiots. I care. Choco ur a domesticated ginger who just got a new kitten. WOW CUTE. Id rather shove WARS dirty finger nails in my anus than read ur garble. Make me a chicken wing you geriatric fuck. Love ya tho. Stop breathing imo. You still quit smokin? Doubt it. Blonde gfy. Alchemist are you fat again? I am Double cajun or wtf ever ur name is. Ah fuck it.
  7. My cuz was voted in the top ten bartenders/mixologists in New York. Hmu for where she works etc. She is a champ in the industry and lives in BK.
  8. Jay you need some cocaine stat. I will give you 150$ for a vid of you snorting one off any part of a hooker.
  9. Just got me a mid price range AR gonna pop some coyotes on my property. Fuck them things. I prefer to hunt Musky.
  10. did he say "his" double ended dildo?
  11. Yep a sit down joint, a hole in the wall grill type and I dont know what the other one is.
  12. http://www.pasadita.com/ Dolphin did u try these burritos yet? All marinated steak with cilantro and onion. The best i have ever tasted.
  13. Throw on some Franks Red Hot sauce.
  14. Ya I cringed at that shit. But, we are starting to get somewhere besides simple math in this thread. I would like to know how these guys propose to increase GDP.
  15. I learned a lot of good stuff in here guys. Thank you!
  16. Whelp you always did love fish tacos. Cant say I blame you.

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