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  1. Good luck! After you ship must buy another arcade for the cougar.
  2. Good job Lonny you are my hero! Way to go Comandr as well :)
  3. JAKoon1985

    GG ANFO500

    rock is a good dude. thats fo sho
  4. Lost 1010 to Q8s for 80 percent of chips in play 6 handed LOL. Got 3 handed and got AK in V AQ for the CL and he 4 flushed me. GG :(
  5. Had to put in a meaningful raises obv.. its the new fad.. learned it from Tiffany Michelle.
  6. Just cause I don't post doesn't mean I don't read.
  7. Slugger Ownnnnns!! Ty Bud GL @ da tbls
  8. The thing is he seems to be completely on our side. He told us that he has emailed them trying to help us out.. the problem is I really don't know what the truth is with him anymore. What he tells me and what he actually does may be 2 completely different things.
  9. This is going to be long, but it all needs to be covered. My ex-roomie a small time grinder (http://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/theagentcrs) who I have known since childhood recently stole 4 thousand dollars from me when he got short on money. He was going to move to vegas with us but after this all went down I decided it was best he stay back home. My good friend and backer purecash25 told Cory (smailes10) that he would help him since times were tough and take his makeup and the debt he owed to me and back him until he made his money back. Just a few days later smailes10 won the 70k on stars for around 12k and was out of the hole. Cory then disapeared and after a week we were starting to get worried. We noticed that he deleted his facebook, changed his phone number, and didnt return home during this entire period. I have never witnessed such a dramatic change in someone my entire life. After talking to his father and getting his new phone number I finally got ahold of him and he had told me the money was all in his account and he just did'nt get around to sending it. I asked for his password to verify the money was in there and he gave it to me i logged in and saw that the money was in there and felt bad for accusing him of stealing. I then looked at his transaction history and saw that he had just cancelled a withdraw for the full amount! Purecash and I then quickly decided that we needed to protect his money as soon as possible considering Cory displayed not once but twice being completely able to steal. We decided the most appropriate form of action was to change Cory's password until Nick (Purecash) recieved his money. We also realized that we needed to change his email address to keep him from having the ability to change his detail back to the way the way they were. Our intentions were to get Nick his money and then return Cory access to his account. Obviously there is no way for anyone to substantiate our claim but I will need this entire community to take us for our word. While niether of us are the most active members in the community we both have very good reputations and no track record of treachery. Smailes10 has even been trying to get Nick his money but both of our accounts have been frozen for changing his details. I don't really know what I am asking for but I feel that we have both been treated unjustly. The poker world is all I have to vouch for my integrity. Nick and I have both made many large transfers with a lot of you guys out there. We have had several opportunities to steal very large sums of money from others but of course never have. It just doesnt add up. Pure plays 5k heads up sngs, and I have had a 500k plus year. Why would either of us risk not only our accounts but also our reputations over 12k. Thank you all for reading this. Any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. these theories could be related to your results.
  11. Thank you all very much. I got a kick ass group of friends who helped me get to the level I am at now. No way I take this down without those guys helping me this year. Thanks again all.

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