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  1. because American companies are running the show in daily fantasy sports.
  2. welcome to the club, swish get ur game up kid and join this club!
  3. I mean I don't wanna derail this thread cuz I feel there are merits to evechad's argument if this is in fact true, I'm just thankful I don't play online poker anymore really... BUT ... Weren't u playing online at 16 and 17 illegally in violation of the sites TOS, stealing $ and Equity from those who were LEGALLY allowed to play? who are you to call anyone out?
  4. just 92k in principle balance, about 108k now, I started college in Sept 03. what a joke- they give student loans to legit anyone, guaranteed the next big financial crises in America will be the collapse of the student loan industry
  5. get The Wartabater an electronic treatment for warts Disclaimer: I've never used this for genital warts. However I did have 3 large plantars warts on my foot and 3 other normal warts on my hand that it got rid of in 3 weeks. I tried atleast 4 other over the counter treatments on my other warts with no long term success, they would come back in like a month but with the wartabater they've been gone for well over a year now. sounds absurd but trust me it works on them so I'm convinced it will work on your cock warts. glglgl
  6. idk how a roaded kleath circa late 2009 hasn't been mentioned in this. fwiw i doubt anyone is as oi as zackattack will ever be, probably the greatest chatbox warrior the game has ever known.
  7. [–]fahdinho 159 points 3 years ago* You just won the internet. You beat the game. Starting ending movie sequence You save the princess, do shoryukens under a waterfall, fight over some bitch with your twin brother, see some guy in a blue suit talk to your face with a weird voice, take off your helmet and find out you're a hot blond, and watch a russian palace fly to space. Congratulations. Thank you for playing. permalinkparent pretty sure thats gotta be it
  8. Just got this email Dear Daniel, Bodog.eu is changing - New Name, New Look, Same Great Service The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group's ("MMGG") brand licensing agreement with the Bodog Brand is expiring at the end of this year and as a result MMGG will no longer be offering its services using the bodog name or from the website, bodog.eu. From today, December 14th, MMGG will continue to operate as it has for over 4 years, just under its new name, BOVADA, at http://www.bovada. Your account and balance has automatically been transferred to the new website and you are able to log in to the site using your existing account details and password. PLEASE NOTE: As part of the transition process, there will be a scheduled outage overnight to both the old and new websites. We expect Bovada.lv to be live by 11:00am ET on December 14th, 2011. If you have any questions regarding your account or the new brand we ask that you contact the customer service team directly at 1-888-263-0000 or service@bovada. We hope you enjoy the new site! Sincerely, Bodog.eu
  9. Answer is Elaine Forshee aka Nicolette Shea. yw
  10. playing pretty much everything under $2500 @bigdshaggyj glgl erryone
  11. heres a link to the scholarly paper: http://pricetheory.uchicago.edu/levitt/Papers/WSOP2011.pdf
  12. this is truly ridiculous, well timed server restart ftp bravo. even more reason to dislike ftp.
  13. probably just fold because stacks this deep in the milli are usually very shallow like 10-20bbs so just fold and preserve stack for a better spot to accumulate
  14. pretty absurd imo. if he would've won a $20 f/o for like 4k this would've never happened. wish they would have some continuity in their rulings and procedures.
  15. prob just go dl the new version at http://www.universal-replayer.net/ I use this everyday and don't have a problem with it

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