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  1. Hellllllllll yeah man. Shame I'm not there, you have a 100% winrate with me on the rail.
  2. If you do this make sure you run it through a neutral wallet first. If coinbase sees you getting withdraws directly from an address they associate with gambling they will ban you. Just download a wallet and transfer it there first, then to coinbase. You have to eat one extra step's worth of fees but you keep your cashout method.
  3. You still in that? Now I'm bored and looking to rail
  4. 2nd. Guy sucked out on me twice to win. Oh well I ran about as pure as possible to get HU so no worries.
  5. lol 4/9 in High Five #5. Hyper turbo shenanigans.
  6. FT of the $5 5k 8 max yet again. 8/8 though.
  7. I withdrew a little over 1k thursday afternoon, had to verify some info on the phone, then had it in bitcoin friday morning.
  8. This happened to a friend. Constant pain all over, doctor after doctor unsure of what it is. Eventually ended up being Lupis. I hope that isn't what you got man cause that shit sucks.
  9. Absolutely. the direct odds you are getting increase with each person in, to the point that they look really attractive, but your odds to number of players in the pot ratio falls with each extra person, and you are almost always going to be first to act. Still defend hands that play well multiways like suited connectors and stuff, and your ability to set mine with small pairs goes up a ton, but some of the more garbage hands you would defend against a single raise you should fold against a raise and 1+ calls. You really have to smack the flop to profitably continue with hands say 4 ways in the worst position.
  10. I got a few sours from them and they were very good.
  11. I don't necessarily have a mathematical reason, I just found when I got HU in the games I play (<$5 MTTs usually) a lot of people aren't very strong players, and are especially weak HU. Often they either seem to start getting way too aggressive, or keep playing an almost ring game style and just get slowly bled. In my experience both of these are fairly exploitable by not shoving as much, and letting them make mistakes. Raise/fold in spots you normally wouldn't against the tight players, and raising small to induce shoves from the over aggressive players with a pretty wide range of value hands (raise less hands overall, but call shoves with a much wider % of the hands you do raise). This is definitely different against a strong HU opponent, but against weaker players they will often let you exploit them. Just because a shove is profitable doesn't mean its optimal. It's worth thinking about "clear" shoves in the context of the situation, often against the specific players you're against you can identify clear shove spots where you can actually raise/fold or raise/call more profitably. There are plenty of times where I happily raise/fold in a spot where every app says I can just shove because everyone behind me is a mega nit on 15 BBs. Yeah you can just shove a bunch of stuff profitably from the button in that spot, but if your opponents never 3bet shove light ever then raise/fold becomes better with a lot of those hands. Similarly if I have stats or notes on someone that indicates they 3bet shove way too light in those spots, I might raise/call a hand like KQs that normally you might just want to shove, but if I've seen a guy 3bet shove hands like T7o then hell yeah I'm gonna give him a chance to shove some nonsense. I'll take a 60/40 any day. I actually just checked Olivier Busquet's sharkscope, he is up millions in HU SNGs, near the top of every HU leaderboard sharkscope has, and has just a 52% winrate. Granted he was playing like 5k HU SNGs all day long so as long as you can handle the swings, 52% makes you a lot of money in the long run when you are doing six figures in buyins every day.
  12. Ha honestly man I don't remember anything like that, and when I see your name I don't think "Oh fuck that guy" or anything so definitely nothing personal. I did most of my posting on here a decade ago, and I was 19/20. I was definitely a much bigger asshole and a lot less happy than I am now. Frankly I didn't even want to use this screen name for a long time because I'm ashamed of some of the shit I posted without a second thought 10 years ago, but eventually decided that anyone could easily match me up with the name with a little research anyway so its probably better to just own my past and any dumb shit I said than to try and pretend it didn't happen. Not that I posted anything too bad, but I've definitely posted personal stories I probably shouldn't have, was mean to people sometimes for no reason, etc.
  13. Yuuuuuup. For a long time all I wanted to be was a poker pro, and I'm really happy I got to live that dream for 5 years, but man did it suck a lot of the time. Now that I don't play for a living I enjoy poker 100x more. edit: It would have probably sucked less if I was a nosebleed crusher with fans and sponsorships and whatever back in the day, but the vast majority of poker pros are just consistent depressing grinders. Not fun.
  14. Also I didn't even consider it, but check/raising the turn yourself here doesn't seem too bad either. It looks super strong, and is potentially really good if you think the opponent is too floaty and could just have air or a hand like TT trying to buy a showdown on the turn. I would still lean towards betting, but against certain people I would definitely check/shove here.
  15. I would lean towards betting turn for sure. You have a lot of equity yeah, but that is exactly why you want to bet here. Your hand is likely not good on the turn, but you have tons of equity. That is an ideal spot to keep barreling. It sets you up perfectly for a river shove if you hit, or are feeling frisky and want to three barrel, and it puts immense pressure on anything less than an overpair. Even a hand as strong as AJ is going to be very worried when you bet turn. In general cards where you pick up equity are the best ones to keep betting on. You have to bluff some % of the time, it is better to do it with hands that can get there than random air. Another issue is that it is super hard for you to get paid if you hit river after check/calling. I imagine almost every good card for you on the river will cause him to check back. By keeping the betting lead you negate a lot of your opponents position advantage going into the river. Even if you are good on the turn, I feel like this line screams weakness. What would you do if you had an actual strong hand here? No way you check turn with an overpair and so many draws out there. If you have a full house you would probably take a different line to try and get all the money in. Betting flop and turn is a way more believable line for a strong hand and would probably have earned you a river check from a lot of his range too. To me his hand looks a lot like decent J or hearts, and if I were in his spot here and you took this line I would be shoving my missed draws on the river close to 100% of the time I think. Not that you should be calling river, I think that is bad, I just think you are going to get bluffed a lot taking this line and there isn't a whole lot you can do about it. If he shoved turn then it really sucks, and I would have to run numbers because it might be actually closish since you have so many outs, but you can't worry too much about worse case scenarios. If you avoid making good plays because you are worried about how much it will suck if your opponent does the one specific thing you are praying they won't do then you are in trouble, because some (relatively large) percentage of the time its gonna happen, and it is going to keep happening. This is actually one my personal worse mind set leaks when I'm running bad. I get nervous about making plays I know are correct because it really sucks when it goes wrong and recently it had been going wrong. I need to remind myself a decent bit that I'm in this game for the long term, and every good play has the risk of running into a hand, or having someone bluff at just the right time. Not saying that is the mindset you were in, but this hand reminded me of it because this is exactly the kind of spot where I know one play is better but if I'm not on my A game I find myself playing a little sheepish. edit: looked at the numbers a bit and its actually pretty close on the turn. If I assume he only has value hands it is a clear fold, but with enough suited heart connector bluffs and weak jacks in the range it becomes a call, so I guess it really comes down to how wide you think he is calling 3bets and how likely he is to shove a draw as a bluff on the turn.
  16. I feel like these details over which line is optimal are very much dependent on the flow of the HU match, your style, and your opponent. HU is definitely when dynamics can shift the most and clear right and wrong answers often go out the window. So it is pretty impossible give really decent advice without seeing how the whole match played out. Personally I definitely don't open shove nearly as much HU as I do earlier in the tournament. I might open ship 25 BBs BvB vs a tough player with A4 or A5, but almost never HU from the button, but I also am probably hardly ever folding to a 3bet shove. People (rightfully) shove pretty wide HU when shortstacked and I have a pretty hard time folding any ace HU for 25 BBs unless the opponent is really not 3bet shoving enough. HU is tough man. I mostly just play small stakes these days and feel like I've had a pretty big edge in most of my recent HU matches and I'm barely keeping a ~55% winrate HU. It is so easy for HU to go wrong even for the very best players. I'm pretty sure most of the biggest winners ever in HU don't have too much better than 60% winrate (if even that at the high stakes.)
  17. It is always a good idea to try and improve your game, but don't beat yourself up too much. Sometimes we just don't get cards and our opponent does. HU with large blinds especially can be super demoralizing when stuff just doesn't work out. Sometimes it feels like you are getting owned, when in reality the other guy is just an ace magnet. Also never ever fold A9 HU 15 bbs deep.
  18. As far as I know it has never been illegal to play online poker. YOU aren't doing anything wrong. The poker sites are breaking the law by offering an illegal service to you. I wouldn't trust any American facing site with large amounts of money though. Who knows if/when the govt decides to pull another Black Friday and Full Tilt has proven that we can't be sure of the liquidity of sites who aren't publicly traded with available financials etc. As for taxes, you just say exactly what it is and claim it normally. If you aren't a pro or trying to write off stuff like travel expenses then I believe it is a single "Gambling income" line item, but definitely see a tax professional if you find yourself unsure because I don't know specifics.
  19. I think this is a spot you just fold pre. You are getting good preflop odds, but your hand sucks, you are fourway with someone all in so its impossible to ever bluff, and your odds don't mean anything unless you get to the river, and you aren't ever getting to the river here without smacking the shit out of the flop, which you don't have near the odds to speculate for.
  20. I would recommend avoiding this kind of play. There are really only two reasons to bet/raise, get a worse hand to call, or get a better hand to fold. Think about what your flop raise accomplishes in this spot. Every single hand you beat folds (and if they don't then your play is even worse because you're now folding to a shove from a worse hand), every single hand you lose to calls/raises. The result is that it is impossible for this raise to be profitable. Now lets think about what happens if you call. Any kinda scared hand like a weaker ace, a hand like JJ, or middle pair is probably checking back, giving you a decent price to call the river if they bluff. There is also a very good chance that hands that do beat you like AQ or AK are checking back too. But also now importantly, if your opponent has bullshit, they now have an opportunity to make a huge mistake by bluffing. Other hands you beat like weaker aces have a chance to value own themselves on the river, or make a speculative call if you bet. So I think there is a very good chance that you can take this hand all the way to showdown for the exact same price as your raise more often than not, except instead of giving yourself a 0% chance to win the hand, you probably have >50% on average. It can also be helpful to think about what kind of situation your raise puts your opponent in. You are putting your opponent in a situation by raising here where it is almost impossible for your opponent to make a mistake. You scare off the hands you beat, get called by the hands you lose to. If your opponent makes a huge mistake and says "fuck it" with AT here, you are letting them bluff you without even knowing it. If they have something like 97 you are giving them the worlds freest bluff. Like I can't even come up with a situation where your opponent could even make a mistake. The worse poker blunders are brilliant moves when you have opponents raising to "find out where they are." And as a last note, if you are playing AJo this way from the BB, then it is 100% unprofitable to call preflop, and this should probably be one of your most profitable defend hands, so yeah, don't do this. edit: So my line would probably be call flop, check turn, and then either check river or bet depending on whether I think my opponent is the type of person to bluff/call speculatively on a given run out. If they don't check back turn then you have a decision to make. Even if you are convinced your opponent has the good and you fold turn, you are now in the same position as you were at after raising the flop except with 13k more chips.
  21. Hey man long time, glad to see you're still making FTs. That shit is always important to remember. Everytime I get a bad beat at a FT I try and remember all the bullshit luck I pulled on people to get there, because its hard to make a FT without some bullshit going your way at some point.
  22. Are you saying he should be donk shoving turn here? I'm not sure what that accomplishes. That flop should usually be a whiff in a fairly large 3bet pot, and with opponents raise on the flop it should really be a two pair+, an over pair, or some type of air. Sets and overpairs are pretty much never checking back turn and with so much money in the pot I'm sure a lot of air shoves too. Donk shoving to prevent backdoor draws from hitting just seems like looking for monsters under the bed that aren't there. The only draws on the flop are 45, 58, and 89, and playing to avoid the worst case scenario against three specific hands which aren't even in a lot of people's range to get to the flop in this spot seems bad. I think the play is fine overall. You can make an argument for getting it in on the flop just because the opponent seems potentially commited and you don't want a scary turn to roll off if they have JJ or QQ etc, but call is probably the better play in the long run. edit: I do think that there is a world in which you have a style with a thoroughly thought out donk betting strategy and in that strategy this is a hand you want to put in your donk shoving range here, but I think most players at .05/.10 probably have bigger leaks in their game to focus on instead of working out a good donk betting strategy and those people are probably better served just always checking to the raiser until they improve.
  23. Ok well I should never play this tournament again to perserve my ROI. Afaik never played it before this week, four times played in four days, 3 FTs, 6th, 2nd, and 1st.

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