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  1. Congrats on the recent success Adamsapple. Can anyone please comment on the differences in volume and "softness" of Bovada vs the NJ sites (WSOP/Party)? Thanks!
  2. Is anyone else having trouble getting on to myp2pforum.eu? I was watching one of the links on there earlier, but then it went out and now I can't even get back on the site.
  3. How do you feel about backed vs unbacked situations? What is your typical daily poker schedule going to look like for 2011?
  4. do they have this for cablevision?
  5. are you still taking action on this or are you all booked up dolphin? i'm a huge jets fan fwiw
  6. Make sure to use quotation marks the next time you quote barry bonds.
  7. I pretty much stopped playing 18s also because of this...cosign
  8. I'm a huge jet fan and hate the dolphins, but tim lock makes a very valid point.
  9. are these links working for people? they were working for me before, but now they're down. i tried downloading sopcast but i got some bs about having to purchase winzip so i gave up on that lol

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