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  1. Yeah, I realize that. It's a salient point though. I feel like ozzie is taking a stance of lol anti vaxxer towards anyone asking questions. There are legitimate questions to be asked. These are two new vaccine types. The moderns and Pfizer are using mRNA to deliver while the J+J is using adenovirus delivery. Both are amazing achievments of science. Both should be touted as a reason for the vaccine to be taken to combat covid. However, you shouldn't misconstrue the science. It's okay not to understand, but it's not okay to silence or spread misinformation to others who want to learn.
  2. You cannot claim a 0.06 percent infection rate when you dont test the entire subject body. That's not how science works. The vaccine is doing what its supposed to do. 48 hospitalized after 700k vaccinated is amazing. It does not prevent infection, it mostly prevents death. Do you see the difference????????????
  3. They were recorded because they went to the hospital or were tested by some other means. See NY Yankee spreading. The 700k vaccinations dont come with follow up tests.
  4. I think we are both misunderstanding the others point. I thought you were saying it prevents covid. Like you cannot catch it. I am saying it will not. I am saying it will mostly prevent you from dying from covid. You can still get it. It's not semantics, its logic and science. If you dont see the difference then enjoy your day.
  5. Ozzie - the covid vaccine prevents infection Science believers - actually studies show it only drastically reduces severe illness and death. You can still get it. Ozzie - lol cults
  6. pre·vent /prəˈvent/ Learn to pronounce verb 1. keep (something) from happening or arising.
  7. "According to the CDC, data from a multistate network of U.S. hospitals from January through March, showed the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines were 94% effective against COVID-19 hospitalization among fully vaccinated adults and 64% effective among partially vaccinated adults 65 years and older. The CDC reports J&J/Janssen vaccine was 66.3% effective in clinical trials at preventing COVID-19 illness in people who had no evidence of prior infection 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine". Another quote from your article. These are clinical studies where they test the subjects. Notice none are 99%. Do you understand of the 700k Chicago residents they are discussing in your article, the breakthrough cases are those that were hospitalized or died? Do you see the difference? Asymptomatic and healthy people don't go to the hospital or die. The 99 percent you want to believe does not capture people not getting tested post vaccine. Cmon man. Be better. Bless your heart. Lol cults. Yadda yadda yadda etc
  8. Another quote from your link. "While the vaccine itself cannot give you the virus, it is also not 100% effective at preventing the virus entirely, though those who receive the vaccine are far less likely to be hospitalized or die from it, data shows". Embarrassing indeed.
  9. Ozzy is so anti-science blind obediance to all vaccines, he would sign up pregnant women for the swine flu shot.
  10. Did you even read your own article?
  11. "According to medical experts, so-called breakthrough cases - cases where fully vaccinated individuals test positive for coronavirus - are possible" That is the very first line from your link. You are proving my point. The caveat "but so far they are rare" derives from the lack of hospitalizations or deaths post vaccine. It does not prevent the infection, it prevents people from getting sick enough to visit a hospital. How do you not get this? Why are you compounding your ignorance with obstinance?
  12. Lol asks for link then posts a link proving what I said. Cults indeed
  13. I think you should research a little on how the covid vaccine actually works. Hint, it does not prevent infection. But please dont let actual understanding of an issue stop you from spouting your opinion and trying to shame others who don't capitulate.
  14. Wtf is on her wall? Is she a teacher for jr high? I would have the hardest time learning from her.
  15. Lol. Where did you find that? What a pathetic list.
  16. Sorry to hear Sheep, hope it passes quickly. Did you take any vitamins or immune system boosts in any way (no smoking, drinking, plenty of sleep and water etc)?
  17. Wait a minute. Are you saying the Amari Cooper trade is an example of their draft ability??? WTF, this is an Ozzy level analogy. Welcome back tho
  18. You two should start a mobile dog grooming business together. Call it Mutt Cutts.
  19. Some girl I don't know being stabbed resulting in cities not burning and a collection of people feeling like there's some sort of justice is worth it to me. She'd be a sacrificial lamb, but it is what it is. All this assumes she actually isn't guilty, which he very well could be, anyways. Sorry. I just don't want the drama. Simple as that. I mean...there are thousands of miscarriages of justice every year. The system is incredibly fucked up. This one just happens to be very public, and the result of the stabbing has a much more wide-reaching impact than the other miscarriages of justice that happen every day. I'm just jaded more than anything by it, so I can't pretend to care about this one girl. What's funny is that you're all so invested in this girl; I'm not. I just don't want riots. I don't care enough about this girl to care. That's my position. I'm not looking at this stabbing as part of a grandiose bigger picture, like my opinion on this girl's future means anything at all. I'm literally looking at it from the most selfish, surface level position I can. If you want to talk big picture and the justice system and how there shouldn't be sacrificial lambs and there should be equality, blah blah blah...fine, whatever. That's not what I'm talking about. You guys are acting like OT is a bully pulpit here Let's not pretend like any of us actually give a fuck about this girl
  20. Your president is wondering why he couldn't shoot them in the leg?
  21. Is anyone arguing against racial equality? I thought people ITT were making fun of the NBA and players for stopping games or prioritizing it above the league and other topics. Did they not play when someone died of breast cancer? I would be willing to bet more people died of breast cancer last year then at the hands of police. Did they wear the names of any dead soldiers on their uniforms? I would be willing to bet more servicemembers died protecting your freedoms than from police interaction. In before some retard says shut up and dribble lol
  22. Lol cancel cults

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