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  1. Can't wait to read JonEnoles post(s)
  2. So at our condo in vegas you slept naked on the couch every night for a month? kill me
  3. call but why the hell did u start 2 threads about this hand
  4. TKAten: god there are a bunch of effin idiots who play on sunday Cartman.DG: british red hair gay donk
  5. lol @ all the metallica hate, wtf is wrong with u people
  6. cougars and his ''best friend in the whole wide world jonenole'' are hardcore fans of harry potter, they'll take you
  7. woooooooooooooooo marry me sexy
  8. yeah very sick hand thats for sure. Those saying KJ and AJ are my range are lol wrong. Really thought Stankee had AA/KK, so yeah i fold if im you p0ckets =/
  9. funnygut (1:42:46 AM):cant fucking fathom running like kjulius looks like an easy fold
  10. the more $ you win the more stories i'll have for brandon, hehe glglglglgllllll fatso
  11. sandler1860 is pretty good for a 50 year old
  12. nollidK

    wtf stars

    Yes, christ almighty change it back

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