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  1. Would be cool but if he makes it past AA, it's likely a publicity stunt bc he bring ppl to the park (when he played in ST they had the biggest crowd ever for a ST game. He has power (in BP) but he's horrendous vs live pitching. No sense of strike zone, not sblr to differentiate what pitch it is, and afaik he's never played a position before. Only attribute he's got is that he's absurdly strong and obv a phenomenal athelete. Even w/his level of athleticism, he has zero baseball instincts afaik.
  2. Last night was brutal. Today I played the night slate which was dumb because there were like no games. Tomorrow (today?) there's at LEAST 3 day games. It's not uncommon for the cubbies to have Friday afternoon games, but it's weird not having a mostly full slate on a Friday night. YIK how off topic this is, but I'm beyond excited that I'm heading to Miami next Sunday to catch the met/marlins play. First row behind home plate, $120 for 2 tix including fees!!! If I wasn't such a n00b. I'd post the pic tomake all you OT baseball fans jealous AF:) here's a link to the pic of the section/view cuz I know how to do that Your text to link here... I've been to approx 250 games in my 11 years as a fan, closest I've ever sat was field level 1st. Ass line row 31. That cost $130 per ticket plus fees. Back on topic, anyone hit big today? I fucked up and played wayyyy too many lineups for such a small slate. Only had 25 min to do research and set my lineups. If I only did one stack per team it would have been a pretty decent night, but I wasted $67 on lineups I really didn't need just cuz I was rushing and didn't notice what a dolt I am until I got home at 1030. Tonight was the first and hopefully last time I used the same two pitchers in Every lineup (Stroman/Harvey). Worked out well if not smart and very lucky. The options simply sucked imo. Lastly, my uncle and older cousin were asking me a ton of questions cuz they never heard of daily before. After making no sense cuz I couldn't explain it to ppl who think it's random gambling (they thought it was like blackjack style gambling. I finally came up with "it's like the stock market but instead of companies it's baseball players, and it's like a brokers client always has a max limit to invest except we have a max limit to spend". Think that's a logical analogy for people who don't even know wHt a fantasy LEAGUE is? I tend to suck at explaining things. I also hate when my fa,ily thinks I'm a huge gambler when I play poker or daily. However, I also explained that. Stock investor has days where they lose a lot but it's not important, what matters is that you have a + ROI I. The long run. Not sure if i explained if well enough for them to understand or if they just wanted me to stfu lol.
  3. lol I was a sophomore in HS. I feel like I'm watching a SD game <3
  4. This extra inning Mets-Atl game is the opposite of how awesome the extra inning Boston-Pitt game. JFC!
  5. I wish I could JUST pick guys for one lineup. I don't even co,e close, always think like 5 lineups worth will own. Usually wrong haha
  6. It is breaking my heart rooting against big sexy :(
  7. Thanks. Obv meant mean. iPad and autocorrect make me want to kick someone lol. I did wayyy too many lineups tonight lol. Pitchers make me nervous, Cotton isn't even THAT cheap and he's the cheapest "decent" pitcher/matchup. I live and die based on what pitching duo I choose most days. There's not ANY 2k priced hitters on DK anymore like previous years (there's $2200 but almost none of them actually are in lineups) so it makes it so difficult to get dominant pitchers and hitters. When the biggest punts are guys like Rickard who costs $3k, it's so difficult!!!!! I wish I had the BR to throw out the same offense in like 4 diff lineups with diff pitcher combos, but that would require like a 5 figure BR :/ /whining GLGLGLGL all tonight! Hope we all win big!!!!
  8. What does fading the chalk ,eN? Say KK write it day too. Sorry I shouldn't be such a n00b, this year marks my 10th year on this site ffs!
  9. Not starting a new thread for this so I'll share here with my fellow daily fantasy freaks: I just went to a Mc Donald's GAS STATION! Either I'm living under a rock and this is a thing, or someone decided that we need a one stop shop for gas, burgers, fries, and beer (convenience store). I thought it was wild!! Sorry for posting off topic. Off to go do research, I'll share what I've found so far. What offenses do you guys like/wanna stay away from? I'm wary about my homer lineup because Colon can be sooooo consistent. For GPP stacks I like AZ, Toronto, mini Seattle, Colorado, mini Brewers, Texas, Mini Tampa (tho I love/hate Pineda in gpps),the Nats (ugh), and I can't hate on a Houston stack even though I kinda like Paxton. I'm fading boston even though they will prolly be owned by many, especially Benedetti in the 2 hole, and Betts, the Yanks, Dodgers (I might ply Seager, Forsythe, Pederson and Grandal sprinkled through, though) Cleveland plus all the obvious crappy teams. So stoked MLB season is FINALLY here!! Also staying away from the philly/cincy game even tho there's some juicy players. Weather looks awful!
  10. TY I'm a nut and usually keep the app open for the first few hours and then if I'm doing terrible I turn it off. Like last night, then I randomly checked thank god. It's so random tho. I lost. 60% of my BIN on Mon with 5 teams, 4 had scores over 145pts (DK). I hit last night with 147 and cashed 2 lineups (min cash) with 87 and 88 points. I never play fd. Outside of their multipliers I hate their game selection of gpps. DK is driving me nuts with the multipliers tho this season cuz they lock up the $1-$2 ones 3 hrs before game time and only have $10-$500 ones available. I'm a micro player, so booooo.
  11. ALLTIME FAVORITE SHOW!! It was awesome IMO. Wentworth Miller is so sexy! But for real, they did well in not ignoring the fact that's he died lol.
  12. Niiceeee! It was nuts, at 1030pm est I was like fuck this I'm doing horribly and put my stuff away. I checked again with 3 games left and it said I was winning everything with that lineup. Then thT fucking 9th inning AZ shit. I texted wantagolf asking if DK was fucking with me bc I'm so used to losing lol. What a good feeling to have all this work pay off finally though. I spend 2hrs a day or so and never hit big. I finally feel like my time spent is almost worth it lol! Question for you.. what do you use to pick pitchers? I find them to be by far the hardest decisions. Days like today because of price but often because like an ace like Sale is ranked 1 star today, and the other big Itchers are facing big offenses. Is it a gamble really or is there a method I'm missing beyond the rotogrinder tools?
  13. I got 13th out of 62,745 people in the moonshot last night. Was in first until pollack (or peralta?) got a hit and sb at the end of the night :(. Got 9the in the solo shot 3rd in the flare etc. by far my biggest win to date!! Weeee! That AZ hit/sb cost me >$1400 though. Before yesterday I hit. Small solo shot for 1st that paid $550 so this is huge for me. I feel like when I won my first MTT. Hollller!
  14. I'm not comfy with ANY pitchers tonight, but I THINK I like Shoemaker more than Manaea. Only semien has good #s vs Shoe, but, pujols, trout and cron all do vs manaea. Pitching is such a crapshoot when it's not ace day and when the sexiest options (imo) are just coming back from injury. Cueto and Waino are obv the biggest names but between price, matchup, and both being due for regressions I stayed away. Because of that they will prolly both throw no hitters!!
  15. This right here It's like Hanley and big papi last year. Sooooo annoying!!!
  16. My lineups: Maeda Odorizzi contreras Goldy Altuve Villar Arcia Braun Broxton Bryant maeda manaea Posey Encarnatiom Altuve Bregman Correa Beltran Blackmon Springer Carrasco McCullers Posey Belt Altuve Lamb Crawford Hernandez Pence Trout Anderson Shoemaker Posey Rizzo Altuve Arenado Nunez blackmon Cargo Trout Anderson McCullers Posey Pujols Altuve Arenado Lindor Blackmon Schwarber Trout Carrasco Maeda McCann Santana Cano Ramirez Lindor Cruz Cargo-lite schwarber Went a little nuts today. Hate the pitching options but love the matchups offense wise. Some cunt 12 year old knocked my phone in the pool on Sunday! Therefore, mama needs to win tonight!! Glglgl all! Hope you guys come in 2nd to my 1st <3
  17. So it would be way smarter than you is what you're saying??
  18. Hard to justify driving 10 minutes unless you're going to get drunk and check out the stadium. LolPadres <3 wanta Let's go Mets!!!!!!
  19. Gray killed me today!! My offenses owned. Then he gave up what, 4 or 5 runs?! (I forget, had to shut off the app). Anyone know about rotogrinders tho? I feel so ripped off. 2 pros instead of like 6 and 2-3 other features at LEAST are gone. Definitely not worth like $130 just to read one pitcher advice article and one other one. Figures, first year I'm not mooching off a friend's account and they pull all the features that made it worth spending so much money.
  20. Of course. They were a lot more than $45 and were certainly not first row behind the batters box tho. I've never seen prices anywhere in the realm of this kind of cheapness. It's awesome.
  21. I posted this say right before the ST thread closed but I'm so stoked I'm posting again. Mets are coming to Miami in 2 weeks. Miami is so desperate to sell tickets that we got 1st row behind home plate for $45!!!! They don't have a single ticket for sale (at the time we bought them anyway) for more than $45! Same tickets in NY would be >$500! Weirdest part is that the Mets games down here get the biggest attendance of the whole season. Closest I've ever sat at a game was field level row #30 by 1st base line....for like $150. That was a weekday afternoon game. The $45 is for fri night, sat night and sun afternoon! /brag
  22. Hey guys. Does anyone know if rotogrinders simply became a ripoff by taking away 80% of their pro advice articles plus their bargain baller list and some other stuff or if it's just cuz the season is just starting and they haven't gotten around to putting that stuff up yet? Also, WUG with pitchers? I feel like the only middle ground ($$) pitcher is Gray today. We have Keyshawn, Thor, Stars and Verlander if you wanna gamble on weather; then we have Duffy who doesn't seem like a great matchup. I'm struggling to put together solid offenses without using Gray in EVERY single lineup. Anyone wanna throw some advice my way on how to only use one pricy pitcher without ending up with a - point pitcher like I did yesterday with Tanaka? I'm only using Kershaw once because of a) $$ and b) in gpps he's gonna be owned probably >50%. My questions are: who are you guys using the most frequently (in the big slate that doesn't have night games because DK is stupid) besides Gray who is your bargain pitchers, and do you guys trust Duffy today? Any advice on this would be awesome. Fuck them for not having the night games though. Houston has the highest expected offense for, what I see, LAA has some bargain players with solid bpv, and it makes the pitching pool suck. Thanks to anyone who will offer any advice. I also have to fucking finish my lineups stupid early because some dumb teenagers knocked my phone I. The deep end of the pool yesterday and the rice I put it in said "fuck you get a new phone". So I'm also gonna miss the OD Met game without a device to watch it on since I'm in Marlin land. Thanks guys! And GL to all playing, let's make some money!!
  23. I'm posting bout this bc I'm in awe, and used to paying >$100 per ticket for decent seats for Met games. Going to a Mets-Marlins game in Miami in two weeks and tickets behind home plate are $45. They are the most expensive tickets in the stadium. Cheapest are $15. Shit, if I coulda gone to games in queens for those prices, I'd never even know what the upper deck is like! I've never even sat first row behind home plate before, I'm flabbergasted that I'm doing so for under $50 (plus fees obv). Gonna feel like such a balla! Holler!
  24. I think it's fun, not too much work. Bummed bc I missed the draft for my keeper league bc I was on a plane and the app on the phone is shotty and wasn't letting me pick up players so I've missed out on 3 solid pick ups thus far. Wanted to redeem myself elsewhere. I don't know jack shit about football but I know that ffb is once a week not daily, but it takes like 3 minutes if that to set your lineup. It's simply this: put SP pitching that day in SP slots, swap in bench players when everyday players are off that day and pick up players when one of yours goes on the DL. There's a lil bit more but that's the basic principle to fantasy baseball. Daily fantasy sports on the other hand take a couple hours each day if you do it right. Gotta do research everyday. Leagues are ez peazy.
  25. Boooo. Couldn't even get 10 OT baseball fans to wager $25 on a FB league???!! Wahhhh

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