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  1. Well damn no wonder it attracted a skunk.
  2. Nothing special has happened in a while just the same ol cast coming by. Last night I found a half bag of stale Funyuns in the panty and I knew who would enjoy those. Almost caused a fight. Yeah the ending sucked but that's where the camera stopped. Picked up about 15 seconds later and just the coyote was there. So either the skunk ran away or the coyote ate it. Safe bet is it took off but we'll never know.
  3. Lol I deleted my comment because it would look stupid when them titties were removed.
  4. Man season 2 was so hit or miss. Way too many flops.
  5. I've been to Punta Cana and it's beautiful. That would have been a much shorter walk. They really fucked up.
  6. I knew that graph looked familiar.
  7. If he gets cremated the guy who puts him in can tell people that he roasted Norm Macdonald.
  8. Just checked it's on NFL network.
  9. They were just talking about it on the radio and said he never told his family or friends? For nine years? That's pretty messed up.

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