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  1. ok, I don't need a pic of a hippo - I just want in on a FFB league! Is there a better place to post to get into one than this?? Or are you suggesting that people won't have any openings at this point?? Let's just start a new league then - anyone want in? Yahoo (or anywhere) 10-14 teams buyin: $20-$500 (anything in that range is fine by me)
  2. Why lol? are there Leagues with openings posted somewhere else?
  3. I want in any FFB leagues with an open spot! FFB is way too much fun - and I want to join a league. Thanks! (I know I don't post on here much, but I'm BreakRibs - most mtt players will probably recognize my PS name cause I used to play a bit before Black Friday)
  4. Anyone have an opening in a league this year? I'd like to play 1 or more leagues... let me know if you need more players in your league. Thanks.
  5. You know any Fantasy leagues with an open spot for me to join? You want to open yours up to 2 more entries?????
  6. ok, but if u can still change it, I'd do it. Just let me know. BreakRibs on PS or WinnerFish on ftp Thanks!
  7. looking for 10-12 teams in the league. Snake draft. normal scoring on yahoo... quick reply if you want in!
  8. I'm trying to either start a new league or join an existing one. If you want to play, respond here so we can get names on the list. buyin: $500 (up to 1k if people prefer), or smaller if that's what people want
  9. do u still have a spot open?? I'd like to try an auction league if u have an open spot or 2 open spots?? (I know someone else who would join)
  10. anyone still want to do this $500? I am in!
  11. lol @ those who don't know of g6dragon. He's a regular for many many years now and is trustworthy. Come on people, let's join this league - I'm in. what about the $500 league - this started out as a $500 league. anyone else?
  12. I'm in! who else wants to play? just a quick "I'm in" is good enough.
  13. Earlier this week I signed up for UltimateBet's SmackDown 7 heads-up Challenge. It's a $500+30 64-player tourney that lasts 5 weeks, and I figured I'd give it a shot. The tourney started on Saturday Feb 16th, and I got an email the night before reminding me to log in before the tourney seated everyone. It also said if I change my mind and decide I can't play the tourney, I can unregister up until 30 minutes before the tourney starts and I'll be refunded. For several reasons, I decided to unregister from this tourney. It was 12 hours before the scheduled start and I hit the unregister button, but my account was not refunded. At that moment I noticed the lobby for the $500+30 SmackDown tourney had said it was a freeroll, and the buy-in was $0. Now I am upset for unregisterring, and I can't re-register because the software says the tourney is closed, and the player who I was supposed to play is at the table by himself now. I now fear I may lose my $530 and not be allowed to play in the tourney. After a few frantic emails and IM's, I messaged KrazyKanuck on p5's in the hopes he could get me some help from UB. The tourney was approaching, and no responses from ultimateBet to my repeated emails marked "*** URGENT" and I was losing hope. Then just 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the tourney, my phone rings and it's KrazyKanuck!!! After I explained my problem he put me on hold, and I can only imagine he was talking to support to help make sure I got my $530 buy-in back. Less than 1 minute passes and he tells me support has refunded the money back to my account! So KK helped me just in the nick of time - I didn't want the tourney to start and have to resolve this issue after the fact. Thanks for all your help KrazyKanuck - I'm glad I rememberred you're a UB pro! It's important to note that KK doesn't have any idea who I am, and he was nice enough to go out of his way and make a phone call to help a fellow UB player out when I really needed some help. It's nice to know that KrazyKanuck was there to help me out. Jim "BreakRibs" Kilarjian
  14. BreakRibs


    Sounds like a great idea!! I gotta try to win my seat somehow, and I like the chance to have 1% just for buying into your satellite. cool idea. Plus how tough can this field be anyway?! Is there any way to insure us there's no repeat of last year's Jamie Gold scandal for the 1% to each of us? A release perhaps?? Do we get the $10k to buyin once we get to Vegas or what? Thanks!

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