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  1. Thanks man, I appreciate your support. And just for the record in a battle this long you're expected to come with written material then improvise and freestyle. Both of us purely freestyling for almost 30 minutes would be way tougher :D
  2. Or at least that's what people are calling it. I'm not a Democrat, so I guess people think that automatically makes me a Republican. Anyways, I'm trying to get views on this thing, so I figured I'd post here. Come watch some wholesome family entertainment, as I go to the ghetto to insult an illegal Mexican's work situation and family system.
  3. I went in to fuck around with all the overly sensitive kids in this game, and had a fun time doing it. It was a gag/challenge for me. You all don't like it I respect that. I have a goofy ass voice. I never said I was a rapper. I know I'm not. But y'all gotta respect The Saurus. He did this for free, when normally you gotta pay this guy to come out to events. No one touches his earnings in rap battles. He's killed everything: Freestyles, writtens, on the beat, off of it. Pete is the truth. Guy made one of the most legit grinding albums ever made too. If you haven't checked it out yet, he's giving away copies right now. http://thesauruswins.bandcamp.com/album/all-i-know-is-that Or a dollar. Whatever. Close. I bought 20, no lie. I dug that joint "No Sleep" enough. He has made some of the most classic rap battles in history. Check him out. It was an honor to get up there and spit with him. I had a lot of fun doing this. I feel bad for whatever poker player he takes on next, cuz y'all firing him up now. And ftr, I didn't forget my shit. WSOP Security made things tough for us. It has nothing to do with skin color, as the real McCoy said. Go to the real things - it's straight bars, language.
  4. We have a free podcast too! Check it out at oneouter.com
  5. Haha, hell yeah I remember! You thought Mcmatto was Shaun Deeb at first :D
  6. Concur. My ADHD pre-medication was pretty damn awesome...except for live poker.
  7. Lol the album helps me get out my anger privately, where it belongs :P
  8. Just flat out don't have time fam. Always a lot going on. I don't have time to even review hands in forums that could help me make tons of money, and yeah...hard to bullshit with my friends even. I'm real appreciative for all the love OT still always shows. You guys are the best. But for real check out The Saurus's album. It'll get you into legit grinder mode.
  9. thx for reading dude :)

  10. thx for the kind words man! Gl gl!

  11. Thank you guys for checking out the articles! Gl to you in everything!
  12. Thanks for reading man :) I appreciate it

  13. thx for reading man :)

  14. congrats on the 500k badge!

  15. Obrigado sir, God bless

  16. thx dude really appreciate it :)

  17. thx man really appreciate it


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