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  1. The great thing about spewing bullshit like this is that it can't be proven nor disproven. Just like I can say that if Biden had been in charge from the beginning that we'd have less than 100 deaths. Only logged back on to tell you that you are an idiot.
  2. The disclaimer that OAN ran before Mike Lindell's unhinged "documentary". ...as read by Gilbert Gottfried.
  3. I remember thinking that Jungle Boy got his spot in part because he's Luke Perry's soon, but he's earned his spot. I just want Luchasaurus to get a spot higher in the card.
  4. 90sWWE is a must follow on Twitter, even if you aren't following wrestling anymore.
  5. A vacuous conservative blonde is going to work for FoxNewz?
  6. Trump's gift is to get people to commit crimes that benefit him without explicitly telling them to commit crimes. That way, he can claim no direct responsibility. "It would be a shame if anything happened to Nancy Pelosi." Someone attacks Pelosi. But Trump didn't specifically tell people to attack her.
  7. Bryan is also the current betting favorite. Like, heavy (for the Rumble) favorite. Regarding the reason(s) why WWE is moving to the Peacock platform? Other than the extra $1b going into Vince's pockets, I think the WWE has been looking to get a singular mainstream partner for a long time. By being on Peacock, millions more will have access to the WWE products (mainly PPV events). They can charge a lot more for advertisements and sponsorships on all their PPV events.
  8. Q-bert was orange, just like the Great Pumpkin. Trump returns to claim the throne next Halloween.
  9. Will be looking forward to more details, but it sounds like: WWE Network content will move to Peacock starting in March (i.e. before WM) and the Network will no longer exist. I mean - if I can get Peacock for basically the same cost as the WWE Network, but then I get everything else on Peacock, I'm down with this. Just don't want the PPV's to be additional costs because that's the primary reason I have the Network.
  10. And I'd be down for some Rumble pool as well. Anyone have a link to the old Rumble pool spreadsheet?
  11. I remember watching 715 on TV but as a kid, I wasn't really aware of the social significance. I just thought it was cool seeing someone break such a historical record. Muhammad Ali said once of Aaron that he was "the only man I idolize more than myself."
  12. AEW has a lot of guys that didn't fit the WWE mold (style and size more than ability). Young Bucks, Omega, Allin. And then there are the guys who felt underutilized in WWE, Rhodes, Moxley, PAC. So you're going to get a different style (more "indie" style with lots of cool looking spots that are forgotten about a minute later).
  13. Statement from Ron Watkins, the 8kun administrator who many believe was behind Qanon. He sounds like the producer of a TV show that just got canceled.
  14. Joe can call for all the unity he wants, it's his job. But there better be some vengeful motherfuckers (yes, a call back) in the DOJ.

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