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  1. Ahahaha, I doubt PS wouldn't investigate if the HH didn't smell so bad. Busted!
  2. Funny when people try to act like such pros but give someone who's trying to deposit for the first time so much bs. I'm all for trolling just about any other subject, but if someone new wants to put money onto an online site I think it's in everybody's best interest to help him out.
  3. SSG coming up in the game..good to see, keep grinding chap
  4. dont worry nick, hes was at my table earlier and I made sure everyone at the table was aware of his cheating and scamming.
  5. It makes more sense to post city keywords, you also need to have this thread backlinked on other pages.
  6. Oceans, galaxies, and literature.
  7. Since your probably 4 minutes down the 10, i'll just let you know everyone is trolling you for taking the internet too seriously. Just let it go. Your stats aren't horrible and the guy was just mad you were bombing him.
  8. Also guilty. As we saw with hawaii - I feel like a lot of people get the idea that merge is such a joke of a room they don't even need to act professionally. Not saying I'd scam someone, but I tilt a lot more on merge than stars or tilt and I know its because of how poor the software is, no new US players, etc.
  9. I think its just -ev to tell a site pro not to play anywhere else. If you are a true poker pro you need options, and forcing them to not play on other sites on their known names would just encourage vpns, ma's, and other work arounds.
  10. merge 100k looked to have about 100 more runners than last week too. Locks software is pretty damn good I have to say.
  11. Rooting for aaaaaaaa...he's kinda crazy I heard?
  12. I'm gonna say which ever side can successfully deposit!
  13. Yeah dude, supra is good people, why berate him for being realistic? Poker is a mix of extremely basic concepts and much more complex ones. Look at Supras reg date. He was probably posting the same stuff you are now 6 years ago. He isn't in here to kick a handicapped dude at his lowest point, he is simply trying to keep you from wasting your time and losing your money. If it were the type of game you could turn "pro" at after watching a few wsop re-runs or playing a few $3 sngs? Take it from those who have done this before, most of us at the age of 18-24 with no kids, family, or the slightest
  14. Hey man look on the bright side, merge 109 starts in 3 hours!
  15. congrats - mind if I ask your thoughts on the common waistband tuck?
  16. Good question. It isn't easy.
  17. Paging GaryAK(I think his name is) to this thread!
  18. Never though about that, I know adam 100% has more to lose at this than I do, it's just really funny to wake up to all this bs, pull up p5s and find this post from Adam from yesterday. Call it coincidence or just variance or whatever, but its really funny he posts from a super trusted source we are close to being paid and the next day gg rip full tilt.
  19. Doesn't matter. No excuse for someone with this profitable of a website to post unconfirmed news on this sensitive of a subject. Absolutely unacceptable. You want to post shady news with no source on an issue this important? I don't think so.

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