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  1. was never refunded a dime. sent enough emails explaining the same situation. they clearly dont give a shit about there players. i have been playing on stars now also and will not deposit on ftp ever
  2. lol. everytime that happens they say... I bet im the only girl thats done this for you... Just say of course... obv
  3. 1.Russia 2.Italy 3.Australia 4.France 5.Russia 6.Italy 7.Australia 8.France
  4. Would it not make complete sense to be running on demand satellites to ftops with buyins of 26$, 55$ 75$ and even higher. I mean come on full tilt do you not think that people want satellite money in the prizepool and the OnDemands are a perfect oppertunity to always have these satellites always available. Instead, all that we are offered in that form is a 3$ on demand ftops satellite that pays 1 person.... I wouldnt be suprised if it has never filled up.
  5. hella birds out there be negative and win. obv
  6. lolololol love the replies. forgot i made this thread so glad i remembered. asylums hebrew quote was hilarious.. my girl never seemed -ev to me untill double gaurantee week, obv we have been together less than a year so she does not fully undertsand the life dating a grinder. not on a downswing, i just wanted to hear how some of your girls are supporting your grind and making things better for you (maybe easier) instead of only making your work tougher. the fish are still out there not saying your going to lose money or become -ev cause of your girl. I can still win money while she is here but who knows maybe if she was being supportive in other ways we would have more money to spend. oghowies girl turns off the tv when he tilts... woah haha super considerate and donkthorne you saying your girlfriend got 2nd in double duece? just linking the comunity to ur girls page too like here guys go hollar.. congrats sir, gl. and im not talking about the dd score
  7. Just curious if anyone out there has EVER had or found a +ev girlfriend and if so how was she help to you and not a distraction. Id love to hear a podcast of a pro that has a +evgf and hear what she does while he is grinding to be helpful and not annoying. obv I already know girlfriends are -ev but I bet theres one or two out there where it goes the other way. advice please haha
  8. "Fuck you.... fuck you.... fuck you.... you're cool... I'm out!" Peaceee on film please. one time
  9. 11$ super stacks daily................glad someone else brought that bs up again so horrible if they made a daily 55$ superstack or 109 they would be hard not to play every single day. they offer 11$........ pretty sure this has been brought up about 766 times in these threads already tho
  10. if your computer has hdmi you wont have to buy any additional parts as long as one of the monitors supports hdmi as well... if not you can buy a piece for about 30-40$ at frys that will turn the other monitor plug into a usb. just make sure that the adapter you buy is compatible with the version of windows you are running at home.
  11. usually roots. pretty sick playlist on my page if u need some new shit
  12. sounds like we are due for another turbo night REALLLL SOOON
  13. i have been asking full tilt to wake the fuck up and make a superstack bigger than 11$ forever also... they just dont give a fuck about the players. it goes from 10$ superstack to 300$ if you want to play another superstack and you have to wait 4 months for ftops.. come the fuck on full tilt.. make a daily 55 superstack or at least a 26.. 11$... REALLY... AWESOME. THANKS FULL TILT. FOR NOTHING
  14. they are adding .05 cent superstack mtts giving all the high rollers less chips to start the tourneys tho.. 1k starting stacks now
  16. Prophet

    WTF Cake!

    Super wack Cake.... bring them back up or we dont play
  17. are there no teams entered yet?? if there are some teams Im down
  18. not sure how i didnt remember this till now but top 3 most annoying things on tilt is def. The railbirds..the beggers, the idiotic people that type what hand they put people on from the rail during the middle of a hand in huge buyin tournaments.. Simply dont let people chat as an observer if they do not have enough in their accounts to buyin to that tournament. PLEASE someone start a petition for this im sure it would get cosigned for days...
  19. def cosign. makememaster is just dumb. he said no when he didnt even know what was being requested and then he continues to give his input like anyone would care or listen..

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