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  1. Enjoyed the co-main more than the ME, but lets not have a 4th fight right away. Let it breathe.
  2. Oh mannnnn. I'm so jealous you're at the game.
  3. Strap Poyer and Hyde in the 2 deep safety car seat. Were breaking ankles and arms today.
  4. Game plan for Chocolake Cake, Andy. Get that icing.
  5. They used to cheer for him to get to the top. He got there. Now they hate and wanna see him fall. Not this decade. Champions gon champion.
  6. Settle down Chief. We tomahawking today. Oooooo ooooo ooooooo
  7. Actual footage of Hacker after he takes off his Cincinnati jersey.
  8. Waking up on Game Day like, lets fucking get it!!! Arrowhead gon be bumping on that 142.2 level. We gon Buffalo hunting today. Look for the lineman disguised as a QB and hit him in fucking mouth. Go Chiefs Go!!!
  9. Looks like I live in his head and in his phone. There goes my equity in that download bet offer.
  10. Waiting for Hacker to offer a bet on this one. I'll take the monkey, you take Trues. The first one that figures out how to download an app loses. Quote to bet.
  11. This is the real fucking lie. You don't know how to download an app on your phone? Sign up to website? Who created your account here? Lmaooooo. Retards gon retard.
  12. Reading is almost as hard as fractions. Show me where I lied?! I'll wait, with NCJ.
  13. Did you just compare a supermodel to some kid from tiktok? You really are the dumbest OTer ever.
  14. I have a leaping Larry Johnson jersey... Eric Berry, Donatari Poe too...but yeah, not a KC fan cause of Mahomes' family member. Just look at my post history here. I remember loving "Cassel, one time" and I talked this much shit with Alex Smith at the helm knowing we would lose. 🤣
  15. I didn't know his name is Jackson nor did I know the tiktok stuff. Hookey mentioned him midsesson. And I saw a headline re him doing something stupid at a game. Thats it. Truth. I don't pay attention to shit like that. Don't go losing money over it.
  16. Jackson is a cool name. You are genuinely a TRUE KC Chiefs fan cause you follow some tik tok kid. Congrats!
  17. Still more confidence than your Bunguls right? We appreciate your support. You can hang a leg out the wagon, we don't mind.
  18. I just learned from Hacker his brother is on tik tok. Not sure why we're talking about him? Does he play football? I pay no attention to his family. Seen the wife. Tight body, but grill bigger than Trues' pickup truck. We're busy competiting for Superbowls here. Who cares about his family?!
  19. Don't you have thousands and thousands on the Chiefs this week?! You are on the bandwagon, Trussie Smolett. You can't lie your way outta this one. Welcome to Chiefs Kingdom.
  20. My dude, J Cole is one of the best out. His last album was sooo fucking good and his catalog is deep. I've been saying that for years. But I don't consider him a new artist, since JayZ signed him almost a decade ago. Its between him and Kendrick when you talk best out now. I prefer Cole. JID is on his label, and is unreal too. Prob my fave from the new school as his writing/bars and delivery are next level. Cordae and Juice Wrld have some dope tracks. Big Sean flew under my radar for a minute, but getting more into his stuff. I fucks with Jack Harlow a lil bit (Whats Poppin is my guilty pleasure haha). Joyner Lucas is dope, but his latest stuff is just okay. A Boogie With the Hoodie has some really good songs too.
  21. I like several new rap artists but 90's-2000's is still the golden era to me.
  22. Hahaha "You can kick a girl, just don't lie about it after" Loool

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