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  1. EOM @skill ivey160 @thereraise100 @Xmas32-216 @vernicle-310
  2. Can they ask the neighbor what the teller said you said ? If so, how credible can that be
  3. I’m still laughing at women that have period apps and now are freaking out and having to delete them because they are scared the government is going to tap into the system to keep tabs. Just a big lol ! so awesome tho
  4. Xander Shaufelle -250 to be end of round leader for 50. Bet expires an hour from this post Oklahoma to win game 1, 50. Quote is a bet
  5. Ftr, I’m obviously fucking around. For the most part, scores aren’t reaching -20 and over at the conclusion of a tourney. This is one of those easy ones so it is what it is. -16 for example at the end of 72 is about -4 a day and I think that compliments Sheeps point or would align me with his thought . When 6 dudes on pace for about a -20, meh it ain’t personally my cup of tea. But I’ll still watch of course.
  6. Bro, Msharps way or your dumb and don’t know what your talking about. you should know this by now.
  7. Only pay cash for your tampons haha.. love the reets, truly the best
  8. Yea Rory done fucked that hole up. Xander hasn’t won in a bit so looking for him to run away wit it
  9. Don’t get me wrong, I still have been watching it. But my boy furyk shouldn’t be out there setting records these days lol
  10. Reets are the best. Twitter chicks pushing for each other to delete mesntrual apps so the government can’t track… Glorious , solid stuff haha!
  11. I’m guessing you like the flag football of a pro bowl we got too?
  12. We’ll yea, we aren’t pros lol. You are a weird cat dude lol
  13. -13 and not even through 36 yet. What an exhibition! didn’t an old Jim Furyk shoot a round of 58 on this course last year or something ? What a course for the tour! LFG
  14. Avs -170 for 300 quote is a bet
  15. Dude that was some rigged shit. after I posted that last night, this morning as you said.. lines went back to Jabari -750 like 40 min before draft began because woj tweeted expect no changes. Then 10 min before he’s gonna say, magic are taking Paulo.he fucking knew . The team knew. Books knew. Inside job, reporter got paid and I got bent over and fucked in the ass
  16. Any tourney on a pro circuit where the cut line is -2 or 3 is nothing more than an exhibition to me
  17. Sweetness777


    Lib tears are the best
  18. in what way? I def like all the changes but to say they aren’t competition, but literally only making these changes because in response to LIVs success at pulling his players is pretty much the definition of. a lot of those changes, specifically the calendar season has been wanted by players but they weren’t motivated enough to change until now. Seems like the game of golf is already getting better !
  19. Jabari Smith was -400 just a few hours ago to be 1st pick. Now banchero is -190 fml
  20. Travelers champ - to make cut Burns -350 Shaufelle -350 Cantlay -375 Lieshman -208 Harman -208 25 each. Then auto close . Quote is a bet

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