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  1. Why would we expect checkbacks on turn? Your lead represents weakness imo..
  2. Sorry MIWA... nitting it up as an accountant. Have you had any Petey Pablo pizza?
  3. Also worth noting that mixing whiskey into your game has worked wonders for the OP
  4. Play live or play Bovada.. still enjoy poker in its purest form? Don’t let these nerds take it away from you. They often give you shiny things like a ring that you can flaunt at your neighborhood bar (the ultimate panty dropper). Take solace in the fact at the end of the day you live in Texas and not one of the maybe 3 places in Europe that are better
  5. If support was via chat, send an email as the chat reps are completely incompetent and more often than not wrong.
  6. The Omaha promotion tracker is off too. It counted Holdem hands originally and hasn’t updated in 2 days (as opposed to the hour it advertises on the website)
  7. Think you played it fine. Unlucky
  8. For me personally its position. Being able to float is an invaluable advantage
  9. My advice would be to pay for coaching and start off doing it part time. Even if you're just doing Uber or Lyft some sort of consistent income helps. I find it concerning that you don't have more results/sample size to rely on. Not trying to be rude as I know what you're going through (played for a living for 19 months). If the money's too good and you're ready to play full time it will become obvious. Good luck! I look forward to seeing you prove all the doubters wrong
  10. I'm not seeing a hand history. Need a lot more info (stack sizes) to answer
  11. If you sportsbet and play blackjack you will go broke... start off taking records of your 1/2 cash games, get a sample size and reevaluate. Best of luck to ya. Just my 2 cents as someone who played for a living in the past
  12. Definitely one of the good guys in poker. Love his mindset and I always think of the episodes of 2 months 2 million he appeared in. Wish that television would bring back a similar series as that is my favorite outside of high stakes cash games.
  13. Excuse my ignorance but what is SL vs ML? Keep grinding for us common folk
  14. thanks for the kind words... keep pluggin, you're getting better by the day
  15. I'm sure that makes him feel better. The whole point was to prevent others from suffering the same fate. Thanks op for the heads up
  16. avoid any rake > 10%... that's a big key in grinding the micros
  17. no matter what site you use when a dude's lifetime profits = half of someone else's best score they probably shouldn't be talking shittttt
  18. Update: Day 3 got on live chat with Kat... she was the first one to take the initiative to resolve it and retrieved my email from several days earlier.. Good to go now
  19. Going on a week trying to get account verified... Sent documents multiple times haven't heard anything since sending them crap over 48 hours ago and attempting to talk to chat several times.. Any help would be appreciated
  20. Moms basement vs house in rosarito.. Not hard to see who's making more $
  21. here's first part of interview starting at 6:30... Also excellent feedback that I received from my facebook that I pretty much agree with "I couldn't watch past the 3 minute mark. When I enter a poker tournament it is my responsibility to play to the best of my ability. It is the company's responsibility to meet the advertised guarantee and run the tournament accordingly. There is no argument for ACR. There is no justification for essentially giving busted players a freeroll."
  22. do a search for ACR rep as their is a dedicated rep thread... Trying to keep this thread specific to the issue I presented.
  23. As they do on other poker sites Carbon/PokerStars everyone still in gets their buyin and then the remaining chips are distributed on an icm basis (meaning nobody still in the tourney gets less than their buyin). Does this change your view at all?
  24. It's been well documented and complained about how when ACR cancels a tourney during registration they refund everyone and pay them exactly the same instead of doing a chip chop.. Curious to hear your thoughts on it and here's me on a live call with him on skype trying to argue that it makes more sense to pay according to chip stacks at time of cancellation then refunding people who already busted...
  25. Might be worth looking into the coaching with 73 scores better than your highest and what not

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